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Time to make a brand difference through content and earn more organic authority and trust? I will personally develop content for you, and craft Content Hacker™-worthy content for your brand in the marketing space. I will take your topics, outlines, and keywords from “need-to-write” to DONE. You get to publish nothing less than impeccable, award-winning content.

Long-Form, Value-Focused SEO Content Creation for Marketing & Ecommerce/Software Brands

Take your brand right to the top with blog content creation led by the Content Hacker™ (yes, that’s me) and my elite team of writers. 

If you’re a marketing executive, entrepreneur, top-notch marketer, or lead strategist in charge of content creation, and you’re looking for revenue-boosting brand content — stop your search. Right now. In this custom long-form blog content service option, my elite team will craft bespoke Content Hacker™ content for your blog and brand, including long-form blogs at 1,500w+, and evergreen guides to plug into your blog for list-building growth. (Guides are optional.) Includes a no-cost kickoff call with me where I will make initial recommendations if needed on direction for your content formats and publishing.

Take Your Brand Right to the Top with Content Created by the Content Hacker!

Think of this plan like Express Writers on steroids. If you know me and Express Writers, you know that we handle tons of content creation in all kinds of industries there. We’re a serve-it-all kind of content platter.

After eight years of leading a team and mentoring writers, under Content Hacker™ I’m serving specific industries and personally leading my own hand-picked, trained team of 5-6 elite content writers to craft comprehensive, industry-leading blogs.

The industries I play best in: marketing, business, SEO, e-commerce, and SaaS/software. The content I’m serving: long-form, comprehensive blogs (1,000+ words in length).

I’ll manage the whole thing. All you do is send me topics, guidelines, SEO keywords, and we’ll get to work. I will work personally, 1:1, overseeing and editing bespoke Content Hacker-created content from my best writers.

You’ll tap into me and my elite content creators that I’ve trained for years. Together, we’ll craft elite content that will rank in the top of Google, bring in inbound traffic, and seriously grow your brand to mega proportions. (I’ve done it. Multiple times. For nine years.)




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Erika VaragouliErika Varagouli, Global Content Strategist at SEMrush

“Thanks again for completing this mega-blog and guide for SEMrush to such good standard! We’re ranking in the top 3 of Google. ? We’ll speak soon with more projects.”

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Costs & Time Involved in Epic Blog Creation from the Content Hacker™

  • Cost per word depends on project (includes research, writing, and editing)
  • Final cost determined after reviewing your industry and topic request
  • Typical epic blog guide costs $1k+
  • ETA is typically 1 week for one guide

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The Process of Creating an Epic Long-Form Blog with the Content Hacker™

Here’s how it all works:

  • You & I talk briefly (short call recommended) about your project, needs, ETA, and I’ll give guidance and direction on your blog publishing process if needed.
  • I send a quote once I have quantity, ETA, and word counts locked in (after we chat).
  • Then, I’ll ideate and outline a killer piece of content for you and your brand, SEO optimized, edited to perfection, and ready-to-go.
  • Finally, I recommend designs and illustrations for stunning visuals to drive more engagement.
  • Optional: I’ll create a design-ready PDF guide, a cheat-sheet summary of your ultimate blog, that you can plug in to power up your list-building.
  • Your artisan, results-oriented blog content will be ready to rock in ~3 weeks!

I am currently accepting two clients max per month. Contact me to see if I have a spot open.

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