9 Ways to Keep Your Motivation for Making Money Alive (For New Entrepreneurs)

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If you need an extra dose of making money motivation today, I’ve got you.

Very often… this struggle is real for budding entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey.

Especially when you learn 50% of businesses fail by year five.

But the payoff to maintaining that motivation is life-changing:

…A brand that lasts.

…Building legacy for you and your family.

…Generational wealth for years to come.

I did this — starting from nothing (many of you know I literally escaped a cult in the middle of the night at 19).

It’s true:

I had $75 to my name and turned that into a 13,000x ROI — I successfully exited my agency in the fall of 2021 in a $1M+ sale. 🤯

This is possible for you as well.

I won’t lie to you and tell you it’s easy.

But this is what I believe:

If you follow a proven path, seek guidance from those who have been there, and invest in yourself, you can make it simple.

And I also wholeheartedly believe that success in making money comes from focusing on the long-term.

I know how long-term investment strategies can seem daunting — it can be hard for so many people to stay motivated (especially in a world of bad advice and flashy Instagram coaches selling get-rich-quick schemes).

They look appealing — but they’re not sustainable (and when it’s sustainable, it makes starting an online business worth it).

So, here’s how to stay motivated to make money, even when it feels difficult.

making money motivation

Making Money Motivation: Table of Contents

How Can I Motivate Myself to Make Money?

Start Your Journey to a Sustainable Online Business Today

How Can I Motivate Myself to Make Money?

It’s so easy to feel down and lose motivation when your business isn’t making money yet.

The key is to stick with it, and these are the best ways to do it:

Step 1: Think Long-Term (Sustainability)

Whenever you’re just a tad bit into starting something new, excitement and confidence are at their peak.

But once you keep working at it — and realize it’s going to require serious effort — excuses can pop up. Motivation wanes. Many people quit here.

This is even more difficult to combat when your income isn’t where you want it to be yet.

making money motivation

The real monumental shift you’re waiting for isn’t instantaneous. Sustainable success and wealth come after years of repeated and growing income, not just a few weeks or months.

So, you need to start thinking long-term as opposed to only short-term. A sustainable business you can grow successfully over three, five, or ten years. 🚀

Because if you’re expecting explosive results in a short period, you’re going to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

And you’ll lose motivation over and over again.

This is why content marketing is exploding. Not only is it investment-minded for the long-term, but it’s an industry slated to be worth $6B by 2024.

This is and will continue to be the key to growing a business organically.

So, think long-term — even if it scares you. In fact, I coach my students to have a clear brand vision that’s so big, it scares them.

Step 2: Start a Business From Your Passion

If you launch your business only to make money — with no inspiring flame underneath to keep you motivated — you will end up throwing in the towel way sooner than if you have a passion-based business.

Because if you truly love doing it (and you go all-in), the money and the success will come.

Just starting your digital business owner journey and want to know if your deepest passion can be turned into a lucrative brand? I’ll show you exactly how it’s done in my free guide. Download The Serious Business Owner Map here.

Step 3: Establish a Healthy Morning Routine

Want to be part of the only 20% of businesses that make it 20 years?

reasons for business failure

One of the easiest ways to stay motivated (and my favorite) is to create and stick to a morning routine you love.

Yes, it can seem a little difficult to take on at first. 🥱

But I promise you, after a few solid days of practicing this, you’ll wonder how you got anything done previously.

I’m not the only entrepreneur who will tell you a healthy morning routine is a part of building a high-achiever’s mindset. You’ve probably heard it before.

But you have to actually do it — and intentionally build that motivation into your day.

This can look different for everyone. But for me, it’s 40% movement and 60% meditation/prayer (AND 100% committing to doing it every day that it’s practical — no excuses).

Step 4: Avoid the Normalized Bad Advice Out There

If you want to learn how to become more money motivated, it’s time to throw on your horse blinders.

There’s a lot of noise out there in this million-dollar online coaching industry.

Opinions flying at you from every single direction.

And some of them are objectively terrible.

I recently stumbled upon someone who had read a book from an investor/entrepreneur who advises people to do what they HATE doing. 🤦

What the what?

Not surprisingly, they also teach how to make money quickly.

That ideology alone proves how unsustainable a business you don’t love running can be.

Building businesses out of what I love is the ONLY reason I’ve kept going for 10+ years, even when I was faced with difficult times.

Can you imagine a world where I made $5M+ from my agency but I hated writing? The motivation for making money and frankly, getting up every day, would’ve dried up fast.

you let the money making motivation die

If you want to make money quickly, pursue money; if you want to make money with longevity, pursue what you love doing.

And remember to always pursue business-building skills, too. The reason most people fail at passion-based businesses is they never go get the business skills they desperately need to succeed.

The way you run your business and the skills you need for that are completely different than what you do (your passion). Don’t take crappy advice that offers solely quick wins if you’re really serious about a long-term business. 💥

Step 5: Stay Inspired Through Others

Whether you’re streaming audio on your commute, reading a chapter of a book before bed, or pasting your wall with motivational quotes, you should always be learning from others.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world admit they still seek advice from the pros, so keep your mind sharp and your motivation high by doing the same.

Here are some great motivational resources in the digital business owner and content marketing world:

We live in a beautiful era where access to wisdom is abundant and right at our fingertips, so take advantage of that to help keep your money-making motivation up. 📈

Need a good motivation quote? Check out my list of powerful inspirational quotes to motivate entrepreneurs who want to make money online.

Hustle quote Les Brown

Need a mentor to help keep your motivation strong? I’ve created multiple six and seven-figure digital brands and will give you the creative and business skills you need to do it, too. The strategies and systems to grow a business to incredible heights are inside my exclusive coaching program The Content Transformation System.

Step 6: Set Clear Goals (Short-Term & Long-Term)

To keep up motivation for making money, one thing you’ll for sure need to do is learn how to set long-term goals — but 92% of people who set New Year’s goals don’t even reach them, so it’s not easy.

Here’s how to stick with it:

  1. Make sure to keep these goals within your control. It’s OK to dream big, but you’ve got to have a way to get there. For content marketers, this can include measuring and tracking your content ROI.
  2. Be specific. Instead of writing the goal “make tons of money”, put it down in numbers and dates. Then, hold yourself accountable.
  3. Set reasonable financial goals if your motivation to make money isn’t high. This can help you focus on increasing profits and revenue to hit said goals.

When there’s a meaningful reward behind the tasks you’re doing, you’ll be much more likely to not only stick with your work and let it compound over time, but to actually enjoy it. That’s the key to motivation. 🔑

Setting goals is a great way to help you celebrate the small wins — achievements that add up big over time.

And if you’re wondering, “Is money the best motivation?” For the curious goal-setter, I’ve studied what the Bible has to say about money (and you might be surprised).

You can also watch me talk about the five things you’ll need for a long-term profitable business below:

Step 7: Remind Yourself How Far You’ve Come

How do billionaires stay motivated?

They never forget to celebrate their successes. 🎉

New and aspiring entrepreneurs should take note — you’ve likely still done something to get yourself to the place you’re at today, even if it’s not where you want to be.

You’re getting there. You’re doing this. You’re creating an online business that pays you for years to come.

You just have to keep reminding yourself of how proud your past self would be to be where you are today.

Step 8: Avoid Burnout Through Delegation

To stay motivated while you grow your business online massively, you’ll need a team.

You simply can’t do it alone, or you’ll face the wrath of burnout — fast.

non-serious business owner

You probably know a fellow business creator trying to be that lone wolf 🐺 and spinning into chaos like the above image shows.

Avoid this trap at all costs!

Instead, build a team from scratch, so you have people to delegate tasks to. That way, you can watch your business run and have the clarity to seek new growth opportunities.

serious business owner

This is key to maintaining motivation and avoiding burnout.

Your long-term motivation requires you to have a clear head to properly scale and grow your business.

Step 9: Have a Strategy at All Times

If you’re losing motivation by getting in your head with everything you need to do, you can relax.

This can be done by developing a solid strategy. Something you can depend on over and over again to give you the focus you need to grow your business without getting lost in the weeds and feeling your motivation spiral. 🌀

making money motivation

This can look as simple as:

  1. Establishing a solid niche based on your passion
  2. Finding your ideal business persona so you know exactly who to market to
  3. Identifying which tasks you need help with and finding, then delegating to, an expert contractor
  4. Launching your website and getting clear on your branding and mission
  5. Landing yourself a professional content writer who you trust and love to help you produce high-quality content consistently
  6. Building out your powerful content marketing calendar to bring in an avalanche of organic leads and revenue over time

Your motivation for making money is going to be important to protect — and if you can work within a proven strategy that gives you confidence and clarity in your day-to-day, you’ll not only stay motivated — you’ll have fun while you’re at it.

Start Your Journey to a Sustainable Online Business Today

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