Relevant Marketing Skills That Work Today & Tomorrow: What You Need to Have to Get Hired (Video Recap)

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

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Picture this:

You’ve spent $46,000 on a marketing degree.

You land a job at the marketing agency you’ve been dreaming of working in for years.

But there’s a problem.

You’re sitting down with a client and realizing with horror that you have no idea how to execute the marketing strategy he’s talking about.

He wants:

  • A content strategy for his site
  • Content with provable ROI
  • A manageable content marketing budget
  • A calendar with 15 unique topics

You’re scratching your head and thinking, “Why isn’t my marketing degree paying off right now in knowing how the heck to do this? Where are my relevant marketing skills?”

Because here’s a fact. Content marketing is worth over $400 billion in this decade alone, and it’s growing to be one of the biggest marketing industries of our time…

But, the truth is a marketing degree may not give you the skills you need to be a top-notch content marketer.

What? After all that money is paid and years of your life invested, you may not have relevant skills?

Sadly, it’s true.

I’m writing a book on this topic — Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition — because this topic deserves a book. Get on the waitlist.

Till then, here’s a blog and a new YouTube video from yours truly on how to learn tangible, real-life, clients-will-pay-you-for marketing skills — once and for all.

marketing skills

How to Build Relevant, Real-World Marketing Skills Without Wasting Money on a Degree (Video)

Grab the free resource mentioned in the video: The Content Hacker™ Educational Resource List for Today’s Marketers-in-Training

2 Steps for Building Relevant Marketing Skills Without a Degree

Let’s start with this.

I’m a college dropout.

Back in 2011, I found myself studying for a nursing degree I just didn’t feel passionate about. It takes a special person to be a nurse, and I realized early on this wasn’t me.

So I dropped out of college and set my heart on my real passion: writing. In three months, I’d taught myself to write for the web and started up my content agency, Express Writers.

Fast forward to today. Express Writers has a staff of 90+ experts. We’ve completed 20,000 projects worth $5 million. We have 100,000 visitors on our site per day.  

How did I do it?

Through intense, determined self-teaching.

Here’s how you can start.

1. Learn Real Content Marketing Skills from the Experts

Commit to reading great content weekly. Pick books and blogs by savvy, successful marketers who have made it in the industry.

Remember, treat your reading sessions like time in school. Don’t go over the content purely for pleasure but be on the lookout for trends and best practices you can use in your work.

One strategy that works well for me is to keep a notepad and pen beside me as I read. I’ve learned that jotting down notes as I go along helps me deeply absorb what I’m learning. Also, I can easily go back to my notes for a quick scan of the main points when I need to.

Which blogs should you commit to following?

Some of my favorites are Moz, Content Marketing Institute, Hubspot’s marketing categories, and SmartBlogger.

You will likely learn more from consistently reading those four expert sources every week, than anything you’d learn sitting in college learning from an outdated textbook on “marketing.”

Of course, reading blogs isn’t enough to teach you how to create an entire brand strategy. But it’s a great way to learn relevant marketing skills that aren’t taught in college.  

Want my entire list of blogs and books to follow for your reading commitment? Download it here.

2. Practice Your Content Creation Weekly

As they say, practice makes perfect.

Even the most experienced content creators make sure to continually hone their skills by crafting content on a regular basis.

So no matter how busy you get, commit to creating original content every week. You can do it every day, or you can set a schedule that works for you (for instance, every Monday or bi-weekly).  

And you don’t have to write deep, comprehensive, 2,000-word blog posts. A short, succinct tweet will do the job. Or a post on LinkedIn where you share what you’re doing and learning.

No matter how short, make sure you do it every single week. Writing and creating SOMETHING will dramatically boost your skills — again, more than learning from an outdated college textbook.

How to Learn Relevant Marketing Skills Moving Forward

The bad news is you can spend thousands of dollars on a marketing degree and end up without the marketing skills you need to bring in real results for yourself, your boss, or your clients.

The good news?

You can skip the heavy expense and go straight to learning real content marketing skills that work.

Start with a commitment to following the experts. Read and create content every single week.

Ready to invest in building marketing and business skills that actually WORK?

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