We’re now building custom WordPress websites at Content Hacker [here’s why].

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Today, we’re launching a NEW service:

Full expert WordPress site design. 😱

Learn more here.

This is hourly work that came as a direct birth from our Content Engine consulting service, after seeing many clients try to get a site designed for themselves, and seeing it take months if not years to get done right, before they could move to content.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, and we took our first WordPress website design clients in July after staffing incredible experts in UX, SEO and implementation. We have been loving every second of it!

Our new WordPress service is fairly priced, and even better in value.

We actually do the work — design and implement on your site for you. At a very high level.

announcement blog

Why We’re Building Custom WordPress Websites

Here’s the thing.

After 15+ websites for our own businesses created by us… in all niches from farm and pet breeding to content services and consulting (linked are just a few of our sites)…

ALL bringing in customers organically without ads (even the farm site!)…

You do NOT want just any old website thrown together, if you want customers and clients sustainably from your online presence.

In fact – any old website can set you back a lot.

Think of a good website like the Mona Lisa art piece.

If it’s a crayon drawing icky version, nobody’s going to stop and stare and admire.

website design

When you launch or build a website that RANKS in Google and CONVERTS (note both — “ranks” and “converts”)

  • You want it on WordPress.
  • You want a simple, strong theme (so it’s easily editable by you after it’s built).
  • You want a user-focused flow to the home page. (Speak to THEM with pictures and words from the real YOU)
  • You want it to look BEAUTIFUL.

If we go back to the Mona Lisa analogy, know that nobody is going to stop and stare and read your website and BUY if it’s looks like shiz. #Facts

Yes! The beauty of your website directly returns in more activity, interest from visitors, and, you guessed it – sales and inquiries from those visitors.

By the way – if you want to charge more and get your clients from referral or content marketing, this part is a must.

When it comes to simplicity and clarity, you want a second-grade level to your messaging (copy), a CLEAR differentiation, and CLEAR use of your branding and images. Also, fonts and colors matter.

(Nothing blurry. Bold. Clear. Did I say clear? That means easy to read, follow, understand. Easy for them to grasp your value.

Important to note here: NOT dumbed-down language. Never do we mean that. We mean simple. And simple isn’t easy.)

After design and UX flow — consistent content plays in to get you leads.

We now get 4-10 a day from my organic content here at Content Hacker (actual high-value non-spam subscribers that FOUND and love us).

Actual screenshot from our ConvertKit. This is 100% slow-and-steady organic growth; zero ads ran to obtain any of these people.


You cannot have one without the other.

A great site converts the people that find your great content.

I don’t know about you, but I love having the whole pie. 🥧  Why even publish great content if they aren’t going to download or buy anything?

And that’s why we are now offering to do this for you.

Our Work Touches UX, Design & Development

One of the first steps we do in website development begins in the user flow. Our UX designer creates “storyboards,” built to flow and bring users to the next step. This is done in a software called Figma. All of the sites below haven’t been finished yet, and are currently in build. 🎉

Here’s an example we did for a client, Dupree Financial Group.

dupree website client

ux mapping

Here’s another example we did for a VA firm that specializes in helping coaches book more meetings, VA Setters.

vasetters website client

ux mapping website

If you want to inquire, we are taking new clients next week; we’re currently maxed, and we never build more than a few sites per week. We DO have limited manpower, and I will keep it that way. I am not scaling this into an agency, nor am I outsourcing the management — it’s consulting; I lead it myself (high touch, high level of expertise and seamless deliverables).

What we’re offering is an insanely good deal — WP dev AND UX design, at $125/hr.

Plus, you’ll get me overseeing your content and SEO. And my husband, our tech guru, managing technical high-level.

THIS is what you get when we work with you to design and refresh your site.

We know our stuff. In and out. I built my own website up to 100,000 a month in visitors and revenue (at its height), 100% through my content & branding skills. I’m doing it again in an even harder industry with Content Hacker.

Inquire today if you want us to take a look at your site.

We’re really good at what we do, and you’ll absolutely have a rockin’ site after we work together. Like the site I have at Content Hacker. I’m incredibly proud of it and add to it every day.

Cheers to YOU, and to sustainable growth on our own platforms!

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Check out our all-new Custom WordPress Website service. ✨

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