The Art of Writing for an Online Audience (Free Guide)

Are you in the habit of writing essay-style content still?

Not your fault…the training in college and traditional educational classrooms still caters to the AP style of writing. But even Elon Musk has been quoted saying, “Online readers don’t want essays!” 😜

It’s true. You can’t write an essay, and expect to earn a click from or build trust with an online reader.

This free guide by Julia is a free glimpse into our Unlearn Essay Writing Course, which you can enroll in here. Unlearn Essay Writing includes a full mentorship with Julia, where she’ll personally review and critique your 1,000w article and certify you after helping you perfect it.

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Your copy includes:

  • Why unlearning essay writing is an important skill today
  • Essay-style writing versus a blog post, and why they’re both so different
  • Rules about online grammar
  • …& more!

Written by Julia, designed by Content Hacker.

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