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An Intimate, 1:1 90-Day Setting with Julia. Launch Your Successful Book or Brand, or Grow Your Existing Brand Exponentially.


At Content Hacker™, I work with no more than four people a month privately in intimate 1:1 settings. We meet weekly on Zoom in 75-minute sessions for 90 days (weekly for three months), and get sh*t DONE. Whether it’s a brand you want to launch, market positioning/messaging/all-the-things you’ve never been clear on, a book you want to write and publish this year, a team you want to hire, or all of it; that’s what we’ll do. In-between sessions, you’ll get to voice note or text me anytime for encouragement and support.



We’ll Get Your Biggest Goals FINALLY Accomplished. That’s No Joke.


As a copywriter, entrepreneur, author, and former 100-person agency leader myself; you’re not just hiring a coach, you’re hiring a high-performer that will actually help you see your dreams all the way through.





What other coach can say these claims with confidence?
  • I can help you get your book written, launched, and live on Amazon four months from now. WITHOUT getting stuck writing 24 hrs a day. I‘ll show you how to find, hire and manage your own personal 1:1 brand writer; you’ll not only have your own book ghostwriter, but a long-term copywriter for your brand, too. I’ll help you do this in a way that WON’T break the bank, but cause your profit margins to soar like crazy. Be prepared for slow, steady, sustainable growth.
  • I can help you set up a real brand (website/domain) that embodies the true YOU, your offers and services, and can reach 100,000 people/month within a few short years. We’re setting up for the long run. Get my hands-on help giving you the way to create a content strategy on repeat that only requires 4-5 hours/week of your time, and less as you get comfortable. (I’ll also give you access to my methodology in video format so you can learn the skill of content strategy.) 
  • I can help you hire that team you’ve been desperately in search of. A team is what it takes to get to 7+ figures/year. I’ll help you build roles and find the right people, from sales to support roles and beyond. Even if you exploded trying to hire a year or two ago. I know the secrets of pulling in people that will remain loyal to you, your brand, and the work involved. You won’t have to go overseas to build your remote team. Profit margins will soar, and you’ll contribute much-needed jobs to the American economy.

Want to do this?

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Don’t waste your time if you don’t fit the bill: my high-performance coaching package is for online experts with a growth mindset, READY for their next level.

You should have an I’M READY mindset, time each week to meet with me, and an investment of $15k ready.



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What Time and $ Have You Wasted Trying to See Your Dreams Come Through?

You know me. You know my story. If not, read it here.

The truth is we’re not going to fill this page with testimonials, klout, and the norm. Because you don’t need that if you’re here. I’m going to bet you’ve spent thousands on courses, programs, consultants… but your #1 bestselling book on Amazon STILL isn’t out. Your brand STILL hasn’t ignited. Your team to get you from six to seven figures STILL hasn’t magically appeared.

Still with me? Yes? ‘K then… You need my help. I can do all three, in almost any industry, with any person – as long as you’re willing and ready to accept the NEXT LEVEL. So you need to make a decision, a commitment to yourself, right now. Are you going to finally DO THE THING? Because I’m the coach that’ll motivate, guide, help, and show you exactly how to do the thing. If you go in with me, we’re doing the thang. There’s no holding back. It gets done. I’ve done it for myself, my husband, those around me… if you’re a private coaching client, I go above and beyond and give you my all. You become my growth obsession, and together, we go to the moon. 🌙  It’s my honor and joy to help others exponentially rise.

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Ready to Exponentially Rise?


Let’s 10x your business and presence. Get on my waitlist today.

It’s about time you saw your dreams through. You’re here for a reason. God gave you the gifts and the talents you possess. Ready to tap into ’em – BIGTIME? Here’s the lowdown: I truly only take 4 1:1 clients/month. That’s not a gimmick, a statement I say to push you to get in. Nope. It’s the truth. No more than four. And the main qualification? I want you to be an online expert that is READY for your level. That’s all I care about when it comes to you. Oh, and last part… you need to pay me for my obsession-level of care, because honestly? I could spend all this 1:1 time building my 8th brand and make just as much. But I want to grow YOUR brand instead. I am living for the success of my private clients. So, let’s do this. Yeah?

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3-Month Coaching 1:1 with Julia McCoy


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