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The Content Hacker™ Academy & Julia McCoy’s training has been trusted by 700+ marketers, and dozens of leading agencies and brands.



claire, student at content hacker

“I’m a freelance copywriter based in the UK. I’ve just finished Julia’s Content Hacker™ Content Strategy Course and I was really impressed (I keep going back to your videos to check things!)

Honestly your course is amazing and far more practical than anything I could find offered by anyone else.”Claire Hewson, Freelancer at WriteSpark


“Big Win I just realized today…Julia leaves her ego at the door so her students can take off and fly.” –Matthew Shafer, Content Creator


“Thank you Julia! The support means the world to me, and I feel much more confident now to do what I have been wanting to do, share my passions as well as serve the community and put good, relevant content out there. Thank you.” –Dolly Ali, Entrepreneur & Content Creator


“As a digital strategist, I’ve been able to grow my end profits with the course and apply what I learned from Julia to create high-ROI content, ultimately turbocharging my content strategy game.” –Mariana Norton, Customer Conversation Architect

practical content strategy and marketing course

The Content Strategy & Marketing Course


Master practical content strategy & marketing in under 45 days with The Content Hacker™ Academy flagship course, trusted by hundreds of students. Julia updates the curriculum with course partners (Semrush, BuzzSumo, Airtable, to name a few) every year. Inside this powerful, comprehensive curriculum, you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to build a brand content strategy from the ground up, and build the ten major parts of a brand content strategy yourself. Comes complete with guided, hands-on Brand Strategy Exercises, and a final Brand Strategy review & certification from Julia.

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Curriculum Inside The Content Strategy & Marketing Course:

  • Get walked through the basics: industry definitions, how to set goals for industry success, an intro to the landscape and structure of content marketing today.
  • Next, learn how to identify what makes you DIFFERENT (or your client, if you’re setting up their strategy) from everyone else with a Content Differentiation Factor, complete with hands-on exercises where you’re actually learning all the steps.
  • Define your online topic area and how to come up with topic cores that your audience will CRAVE.
  • Get clear with content ROI expectations, and see high-ROI content in action.

This is two full modules with video lessons, worksheets, PDFs, Brand Strategy Exercises and templates. You’ll be able to get through both modules inside a week if you spend just 10-15 minutes every day.

  • Identify and create audience personas for any target audience.
  • Learn from hands-on video exercises how to build surveys to get real-time, valuable data about an audience you’re serving (and incentive for higher response rates).
  • Learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights to build new audience data.
  • Map your persona to the stages of awareness in the sales cycle, and learn HOW and WHY to create content that SOLVES PROBLEMS at the specific stage they’re in.
  • Know how to utilize a sales team to nurture leads to get the information that will help you create valuable, profitable content.
  • Learn how to create a brand content style guidebook that can direct content creation for ANY brand.
  • Get an overview of the best email marketing tools and how to use them.

Grow your confidence with PDFs, cheat sheets, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

  • Learn about defining your goals for inbound ranking and overall content success.
  • Explore Google’s standards for content – find out why organic search is far higher ROI and more valuable to today’s search audience than paid PPC.
  • Reveal the biggest mistakes in keyword research that you must avoid.
  • Know how to conduct effective, in-depth keyword research, using the top industry tools. Plus learn why and how to choose an SEO tool to track ranking and ongoing positions.
  • Watch as I demonstrate proven methods on how I find a MONTH of SEO content for my agency that ranks without question!
  • Watch guest speaker Ryan West from SEMrush show you how to find a great keyword, and pull live brand keyword reports.
  • Get in-depth guidance on all aspects of SEO keyword research, including geo-targeted location content.
  • Learn how to check for important ranking factors and be able to immediately identify opportunities for low-hanging SEO content you can easily create for any client.

Strengthen your understanding with PDFs, cheat sheets, guest expert lesson, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

  • Get to know what strong online content looks like.
  • Learn all the nuances of how to build content that ranks high in search results for YEARS and how to maintain this authority over time.
  • Skip all the strategies that DON’T work: in this week, we’ll cover only the keys of what DOES work when it comes to building true authoritative online content.
  • Learn about the core content commitments and how to define them.
  • Discover why one of the content commitments we discuss matters more than anything, and learn how to leverage that for long-term gain.
  • Understand the importance of content structure, internal and external linking.
  • Get confident with social media and how to combine the right social media platforms with the right brand (for clients you work with or your business).
  • Get to know the benefits and methods of profitable guest blogging.
  • Learn from Guest Expert Dan Levy of Unbounce as he shares secrets on how they built authority solely through blogging.
  • Learn from Guest Expert Michele Linn of Content Marketing Institute as she explains how to lay the groundwork for business blogging.

Jump up a level with PDFs, cheat sheets, guest expert lesson, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

  • Never get stuck for content ideas AGAIN with an outlined, physical content creation process complete with repeatable steps.
  • Learn how to pull strong brand awareness topics for any brand.
  • Use techniques from a web crawl to find questions readers are asking online that you can create content for.
  • Get proficient on professional industry tools such as BuzzSumo and Hawkeye to identify trends in ANY industry to write about! These also make killer guest blog posts that editors will DIE for.
  • Get to know buyer-focused content, and how to create content and find topics that match the stages your customer is in.
  • Learn how to create content that fits both SEO purposes and brand awareness.
  • Know the ins and outs of SEO content optimization! See live demos of content structured for success.
  • See the anatomy of web pages vs. blog pages, and learn how to create content that ranks consistently.
  • Learn about 10x content, what that truly means, and how to go above and beyond in your content for your reader.
  • Become an expert at guest blogging! Learn how to get on the publications you want, how to pitch editors, and send in irresistible topics and content pieces.
  • Learn how to optimize your content for conversions, and how to add “list building” to your content creation.
  • Guest expert Steve Rayson shares how to build strong headlines and discover hot topics.

Make real gains with PDFs, cheat sheets, guest expert lesson, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

  • Learn from Guest Expert Sujan Patel as he kicks off the final week with a lesson on how to promote your content to draw more eyeballs on it.
  • Learn about social media post structure and how exactly to optimize your post performance for maximum brand exposure.
  • Study the intricate workings of effective email marketing, best practices for writing, scheduling and sending emails to your list.
  • Learn about setting a budget for content marketing and how to set realistic expectations for your clients.
  • Streamline your hiring process to know how to recruit professional, reliable talent to your writing team to support your content creation.
  • Ugly editorial calendars, begone. Find out the easiest tool EVER that’ll become your new secret weapon!
  • Learn how to update your content for ongoing success (and why old content is your MONEY content).
  • Know how to track and immediately see/report on content rankings to clients.
  • Know how to set up a content plan for your clients.
  • Learn from Guest speaker Dan Levy as he shares insights on the cost and return of 10x blogging.
  • Learn from Guest speaker Shani Taylor’s tutorial on creating an advanced editorial calendar.
  • Learn from Guest speaker Ryan West of SEMrush as he teaches you how to track your rankings and research competitor rankings.
  • Lock in professional knowledge with PDFs, cheat sheets, guest expert lesson, Brand Strategy Exercise, and video lessons.

For a limited time, get lifetime access to Julia & join the course community, included in your enrollment cost. This may be charged at an ongoing monthly fee later in the year! Yours for FREE right now.


  • Bonus #1: Partner Discount Codes Save up to $350 on software! BuzzSumo, SEMrush, KWFinder, Airtable, Mailshake & more. Includes PDFs with special codes. 
  • Bonus #2: The Content Creator Pricing Guide Get access to MY spreadsheet with over 45 content services priced out, with many variations and options for clients. Perfect for setting up your own agency, outsourcing, or charging freelancer rates! Includes a video, PDF and spreadsheet. 
  • Bonus #3: How to Close Your Clients [Video, PDF Guides, Live Call] Struggle with closing your clients? This is what you need! I show you how to close your clients, step-by-step. Includes live client call recording, video, and PDF templates. 
  • Bonus #4: Twitter Growth Hacking Learn how I grew my Twitter to 200% month-after-month growth. These are strategies that will take you only a few hours a week -- or if you don't have the time, hire the person I hire! Includes a video lesson with on-screen demo of techniques. 
  • Bonus #5: Instagram Explosion Learn how to hook up Instagram to clicks, blog reads, and REAL subscribers (a difficult feat on this mostly visual platform) with a few simple, consistent techniques. Includes a video lesson with on-screen demo of techniques. 
  • Bonus #6: The Amazing Portfolio Guide Learn how to create an amazing portfolio when you’re just starting out. Includes a PDF worksheet. 
  • Bonus #7: Guest Speaker Michele Linn Presents Practical Content Marketing Strategy Primer Listen as VP of Content for CMI, Michele Linn, shares top strategies on content marketing in a video interview with Julia. Includes video and worksheet.

NEW bonuses added for 2020:

Veronica Camara, Founder, Content Strategist at AVO | Content Strategy Agency
Teaching: UX Writer vs. Copywriting: What's the Difference & How to Start a UX Writing Career

Ryan Stewart, Serial Entrepreneur, SEO Expert, Author, & MBA
Teaching: How to Go From Solo Freelancer to Higher Income Team/Agency

David Martin, UX Strategist & the Founder of
Teaching: UX Elements that Turn Away Customers: What Kind of Popups are Bad vs. Good (Are Any?), & More

content strategy and marketing course

Become a Content Strategy Superhero:

Enroll Now & Get This Black-Friday-Only 50% Savings Offer on My Signature Course for Revenue-Producing Content Marketing

CS&M Upfront

$997 $499

  • The full 6-week self-paced Content Strategy & Marketing Course
  • All lectures, content, curriculum
  • One-to-one Mentoring
  • All 8 bonuses
  • Certification after completion

Save $191 Upfront

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CS&M Payment Plan

$99 $50

  • The full 6-week self-paced Content Strategy & Marketing Course
  • All lectures, content, curriculum
  • One-to-one Mentoring
  • All 8 bonuses
  • Certification after completion

Easy Payments


The Expert SEO Content Writer Course


Ready to learn the art of SEO writing from a holistic, evergreen practitioner? Learn every step in writing a long-form blog, web, and/or landing page that ranks highly in Google. You’ll receive templates, video tutorials from Julia, and everything you need to build this skill the real way — by hands-on doing. Includes step-by-step tutorials of how to use the best tools out there for SEO keyword discovery and optimization. A one-week video course with three modules and 20+ videos, SEO templates, a private members-only student group, and 1:1 access to Julia.

This course is jam-packed full of the proprietary SEO content writing methodologies Julia used to take Express Writers from a (completely online) presence worth $0 to $5M in just seven years. Her site today ranks for over 16,000 keywords through the content she has created, and her content rankings bring in 100% of the agency’s clients organically.

The Expert SEO Content Writer Course Curriculum

A few key video lessons getting you all set up for what’s coming, a download of our complete student workbook, and access to our private student group with 1:1 access to Julia.

Welcome! What’s Ahead in This Course: Get Set Up for Success (9:36)
Private Student Community Access
NEW for 2021 Overview: Why We Use Blogs and Websites for More Traffic From Google (21:04)

5 action-packed lessons covering the strategy side of SEO content: topic research, persona-building, keyword research, content analysis techniques, and an introduction to content writing templates and optimization.

1.1. How Do I Generate Profitable Topics? Thinking in Terms of Content Ideation Goals (4:37)
1.2 Your 4 Content Keys & Persona-Building: Understanding How to Reach & Impact An Audience with Content (6:47)
1.3 How to Understand SEO Keyword Research & Uncover the Right Keywords (With Templates) (27:25)
1.4 How to Do Content Analysis for Even More Powerful SEO or Thought Leadership Content (11:21)
1.5 Intro to Content Writing Templates: How to Optimize Content Correctly for Search Engines & Humans (16:27)

NEW for 2021 Module 1 Bonus: Semrush Tutorial #1 — The Basics of Keyword Research in Semrush (8:56)
NEW for 2021 Module 1 Bonus: Semrush Tutorial #2 — How to Track Your Rankings in Semrush (13:09)
NEW for 2021 Module 1 Bonus: Semrush Tutorial #3 — Advanced Live Examples of Pulling Brand Keyword Reports, Keyword Magic Tool, & More (13:19)

12 step-by-step video lessons covering everything you need to know to get started in SEO writing, PLUS, all kinds of templates, writing prompts, FAQs, and more.

2.1 2 Writing Formulas To Help You Write More Structured Content: PAS & KISS (With Cheat Sheet) (9:14)
2.2 AP English vs. Online Writing: Major Differences (With Cheat Sheet) (13:00)
2.3 Modern Online Writing 101: Terrible, Good & Amazing Content (Live Recording of Julia’s Writing Coaching) (47:01)
2.4 Creating Lead Magnets & “Content Upgrades” For Subscriber Growth (with Worksheet) (10:57)
2.5 Creating Powerful Headlines & Hooks (with Worksheet) (5:58)
2.6 How to Create 2 High-ROI Blog Types (Templates & Worksheets) (3:36)
2.7 SEO Web & Landing Pages (Templates & Knowledge Sheet) (10:01)
2.8 How to Write Other Key Supporting Forms of Content: Email, Social Media & Video (10:25)
2.9 FAQ: I’m Not a Native Speaker… How Do I Up My Game at Writing? (11:02)
2.10 FAQ: Tips for Boosting Your Writing Productivity & Speed (4:53)
2.11 FAQ: Should I Syndicate My Content? & Other Top SEO Questions (16:00)
2.12 FAQ: How Should I Link to Sources or Quote in My Content? (7:26)

3 lessons including a short quiz and final certification.

3.1 How to Price Content Writing Services (With Pricing Template) (5:38)
3.2 How to Guide Content Strategy & Marketing Clients to a Close (Sales Tips) (2:35)
3.3 KPIs & Boss-Friendly Stuff: How to Look Up Content Rankings & Traction (Tutorial) (12:24)

Congratulations! You Did It! How to Get Your Certificate (1:23)

Test Your Knowledge: Short Course Quiz

Badges & Adding Certification to Your LinkedIn (0:22)

  • Julia's 2020 Lessons on SEO Writing (NEW!)
  • Course Partner Discount Codes–Worth $200+!
  • Cheat Sheets & Downloadables

350+ Happy Students: Monique, Graduate, Went From ZERO to 600 Visitors/DAY & Qualified Buyers Using The Expert SEO Content Writer Techniques

Read allllll the student success stories.

The Expert SEO Content Writer is your ticket to knowing more — and earning more — as an SEO writer.

Enroll Today at 50% Off:

Expert SEO Content Writer Upfront

$299 $150

  • Lifetime Access to The Expert SEO Content Writer
  • 3 Modules + Bonuses
  • Private Student Community
  • Certification after completion
  • Save 30% paying upfront

ENROLL NOW – $299 Black Friday Only – $150

Expert SEO Content Writer Plan

$80 $40

  • Lifetime Access to The Expert SEO Content Writer
  • 3 Modules + Bonuses
  • Private Student Community
  • Certification after completion
  • Easy monthly payment option

ENROLL NOW – $80/MONTH Black Friday Only $40/MONTH

unlearn essay writing

Unlearn Essay Writing: Your Professional Writing Course


UNLEARN what doesn’t work — that stuffy essay-style writing you learned in college, step-by-step. You’ll get real-life skill-building lessons from the very first video, which goes through Julia’s examples of good, not-so-good, and great content (and why each piece hits that mark). After you graduate the “unlearning” module, you’ll learn how to write content for 11 leading online formats in guided video tutorials. Includes lifetime access, 1:1 access to Julia, and a private student group.

successful online writer

The Unlearn Essay Writing Course Curriculum

When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to three modules with in-depth training videos, workshop-style exercises, workbooks, cheat sheets, and access to a community of passionate writers in the Unlearn Essay Writing student group. I’ve added a whole section (module three) packed with powerful bonuses I don’t offer anywhere else. Additionally, you get access to me and my personal 1:1 review on your work after you've finished the course. This course includes over $500 worth of personal writing coaching from Julia.

Video Walkthrough of Course Content 

In Module 1 of The Unlearn Essay Writing Course, you'll learn:

  • How to dissect a piece of content (the exact checklists I use to label content either good or bad).
  • How to turn anything you write into a piece your boss or client will jump over the moon for.
  • The step-by-step process for cutting the fluff and gunk from your writing. (You get to watch over my shoulder as I show you how to do it.)
  • How to keep up with the ever-changing rules of online grammar (so you always know how to walk the fine line between uneducated and outdated).
  • The four steps to ruthless self-editing (turn your icky first draft into a concise, direct, perfectly and professionally polished piece).
  • 101 sticky words to never use in your content.

When you press “complete” on Module One you’ll:

  • Never again write heavy, boring essay-style content.
  • Know what it takes to create content that’ll have your boss or client raving for more.
  • Have a fully ready, well-polished introduction for your 1,000-word piece.

In Module 2, you'll learn:

  • The ABCs and DEFs of stellar online content (a checklist you can use to be absolutely sure you’re hitting the mark with your content).
  • How to tell the difference between good and bad content across formats (Facebook ads, meta titles, meta descriptions, and blogs). Complete with examples and my take on what makes each one good or bad.
  • My secret sauce to never, ever getting stuck writing again (say good-bye to writer’s block forever).
  • The tools I use to boost my productivity 2x-4x.
  • How to take your content idea and turn it into a publish-ready blog. (Watch me do this step-by-step in a 1-hour workshop video!)
  • The three stages of content creation you must never skip.
  • How to create the 11 most popular forms of web content (social media posts, web pages, product descriptions, meta titles and meta descriptions, blogs, headlines, emails, case studies, ebooks, lead magnets, whitepapers, and video scripts).
  • How to amp up your writing with creative wording.

When you press “complete” on Module Two you’ll:

  • Know exactly how to write anything your boss or client wants (and blow them through the roof with your gut-punching content).
  • Never again lack confidence, unsure whether or not you’ll make your deadline.
  • Have a beautiful, well-polished, powerful 1,000-word piece of content. (If you choose the Writing Hero (Level 2) version, you’ll proceed to submit this piece to me for my personal feedback. Remember, I won’t go easy on you! I’ll help you further refine your piece until I’m 1000% sure your boss or client will love it.)

Both Module One and Module Two are packed with hands-on exercises, so you’re dissecting, cutting gunk, analyzing writing examples, planning, and crafting your own piece of content as you learn.

The Final Steps: Finalize your 1000w article and complete the course with a memory-testing quiz.

Bonus #1: Julia’s Ultimate List of Writing Tools. A complete list of the tools I use to boost brain power, productivity, and creativity. These include apps, shortcuts, meditation tracks, and more! Plus, I show you how to structure your home office so you always feel fresh and inspired.

Bonus #2: 200+ Power Words and Phrases to Amp Up Your Writing. Sprinkle these powerhouses into your writing and immediately transform weak sentences into gut-punching prose. (Perfect for beginners who need a quick, easy way to muscle up their content.)

Bonus #3: The Unlearn Glossary for The Online Content Writer – 94 Terms Every Online Writer Should Know. Keep this resource open as you talk to clients or your boss, and never again feel like a green-behind-the-ears newbie.

Bonus #4: A Killer Copywriting Formula to Pay Attention to (For Structuring Strong Content). Assigned to write a “high-converting landing page” by your boss or client? No problem! Pull this resource out and simply “plug and play” – fill in the template with your own copy and you’re ready to impress them.

Bonus #5: Stay Current as a Content Expert With These Resources & Books. A comprehensive list of every blog I follow, every podcast I listen to, every show I watch, every YouTube channel I’ve subscribed to, and every book I recommend. Invest a little time each day to learn something new, and it WILL PAY OFF.

Bonus #6: Unlearn Essay Writing Course — Student-Only Partner Discount Codes. Special discounts on writing tools, apps, and content calendars. Save hundreds on these tools simply for being an Unlearn Essay Writing Course student.

Bonus #7: Pandemic-Friendly Advice for Writers – An Unlearn-Essay-Writing Only Special Interview with Field Expert Joel Klettke on Real-Life Copywriting Steps in a Pandemic. Follow Joel as I interview him just for our UEW students on his inspiring journey from clueless Business graduate to profitable SaaS + B2B copywriter. Listen as he lays down the exact steps you can take to achieve his kind of success. The accompanying summary helps instill the powerful takeaway lessons top expert Joel teaches our student community.

Bonus #8: The Headline Junkie’s Swipe File — Robert Bly’s 8 Proven Formulas. Never again have to guess when creating the most difficult part of your content, the headline. Pull out one of these headline formulas, plug in your own words, and watch your clicks soar.

Now included in your seat!

Final Steps: Finalize your 1000w article in Google Docs and send it to Julia for review and indepth critique.

Work with Julia personally on your article until it passes review and would be be paid for by a client. Get indepth, real-time editing in your article from Julia for your entire article, plus a rationale from Julia on why and how the revisions help your writing soar to the next level. (This is worth over $500 by itself of individual coaching sessions, were you to pay the current rate to work with Julia McCoy.)

Earn Certification as an Unlearn Essay Writing Student and receive your badge and accreditation.

happy student comments from unlearn essay writing course


Eradicate the #1 bad habit that’s keeping you from your dream content writer’s life

Yes! I want to master my writing today at 50% off:

Unlearn Essay Writing Plan
(10-Month Payment Plan)

$99 $50

  • The entire course + mentorship + certification (3 modules & guides, references, worksheets)
  • Learn AND write your own 1,000w blog
  • Intensive, on-demand writing workshops with Julia
  • Lifetime student community & course access
  • Mentorship, critique, & expert certification from Julia

ENROLL NOW $99/MONTH Black Friday Only $50/MONTH

Unlearn Essay Writing Upfront
(Full Upfront Payment)

$750 $375

  • The entire course + mentorship + certification (3 modules & guides, references, worksheets)
  • Learn AND write your own 1,000w blog
  • Intensive, on-demand writing workshops with Julia
  • Lifetime student community & course access
  • Mentorship, critique, & expert feedback from Julia

ENROLL NOW $750 Black Friday Only $375 Pay-In-Full

mindfulness course

The Mindfulness for Creators Course: Go From Busy & Stressed to a Peaceful Planner


Here’s a truth I’ve learned through 10+ years as a content creator: Tricks and hacks for productivity might get you temporary results…but they’ll never last.

In the end, it comes down to mindfulness. Cultivate and actively practice mindfulness, and the right grounding techniques (which I teach in Mindfulness for Creators–a NEW one-hour course), and you’ll achieve MUCH more than you ever thought possible.

Inside The Mindfulness for Creators Course, I’ll show you the exact steps to get from a negative, reactive, and stressed out mindset…

…to creating a ton of powerful content, waking up every day feeling excited, and knowing you CAN build a loving family while running multiple businesses.

The course has three main modules, each one focusing on one of my ten-year “secrets” to a successful mental mindset and life as a content creator.

mindfulness course - venn diagram

These modules center around:

  • Module 1: Mindset. Inside this module, I’ll show you what my daily routines and practices are like. This includes a morning “ritual” that I’ve proven increases my productivity by up to 50%. (You can practice the exact routines I do, or use them as inspiration as you build your own.)
  • Module 2: Setting. This module is all about creating the kind of space that brings out your creative powers. I’ll walk you through every setup in my house, share tips and methods on how to work in small spaces, show you how to set up your workspace, give you a list of the tools I use to save time and energy, and much more.
  • Module 3: Nutrition. In this module, I’ll share with you how I went from getting sick every other month, to going an entire year without a single illness. I’m not a diet coach, and I don’t claim to be. But I’ll show you what worked for me, as a real-life, full-time digital practitioner, and how you can use food to improve your own life, get rid of brain fog, and boost productivity to amazing heights.


Jennifer Paul, Artist: “The Mindfulness for Creators Course has given me a framework for taking my art business to the next level. I think about it often when I am planning out my productivity throughout the day. It helps me stay more inspired and calm just by using the techniques Julia describes.”


There should be no excuse to skip mindset work to become your best self.

Tap into proven techniques and enjoy this relaxing, easy-to-watch one-hour mindfulness course at 50% off.

mindfulness course

  • 1-hour total class broken up into three modules, 15+ minute short video lessons: Filmed outside in a beautiful environment, produced with original illustrations and calming, uplifting music, this is a course you’ll actually enjoy binge watching. Say goodbye to education overwhelm with just one hour of on-demand video content, produced with text and easy-to-remember summary & homework sheets.
  • MSRP over $349: Yours today for only one cost of $147!
  • Lifetime access to the course & updates, even though you’ve enrolled at beta pricing. We want you to come back to this whenever you need for fresh inspiration!
  • Printable charts and build-your-own routine calendars that help you stay on track, organized, and guided throughout your day.
  • Exclusive access to a private student community to discuss mindset, setting, and nutrition with Julia & peers.
  • Clear action items that set you up for success. You’ll know exactly what to implement, and how! Pragmatic, practical advice only.
  • Quiz after course completion to test your knowledge.


content hacker course bundle

The Content Hacker™ Ultimate Course Bundle: All Courses + All Bonuses


Want to get your hands on a lifetime seat to all of our Content Hacker™ Academy Courses + Bonuses and dive right in to EVERY single one of the Content Hacker™ educational goodies? You’ll receive a lifetime seat to every one of our courses: The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, The Expert SEO Content Writer, and Unlearn Essay Writing… AND all the bonuses and student groups for each course. This is the best value, saving you $500+ on buying the courses individually.

Today, you’ll save $500 $1750 TOTAL on ALL our proven courses by investing in the Content Hacker™ Ultimate Course Bundle! 🤯

content hacker ultimate course bundle

The Expert SEO Content Writer Comes With:

  • 18+ short video lessons in three organized modules: Say goodbye to education overwhelm with just five hours of on-demand video content, produced with subtitles and easy-to-remember summary knowledge sheets
  • Certification as an Expert SEO Content Writer after course completion.
  • Student-only partner discount codes: savings on my favorite SEO tools & special trial offers
  • Content template library: templates for long-form blogs, lead magnets, web pages, infographics, FB Lives/YouTube content. Completely original, and customizable!
  • Lifetime access to the course & updates
  • Printable workbooks and knowledge sheets that help you stay on track, organized, and guided—so you never feel like you’re alone
  • Exclusive access to a private student community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your classmates.
  • Clear action items that set you up for success. You can download and work from proven content templates, see examples of content formats live in video demonstrations and more!
  • Worth over $379 ( + includes discounts to my recommended SEO tools!)

The Content Strategy & Marketing Course Comes With:

  • 6 Core Modules that Teach Everything in Building a Content Marketing Strategy That Works
  • Week 1 – Introduction & Module 1: Get Set on Fundamentals + workbooks, templates
  • Week 2 – Module 2: Bridge the Audience & Sales Gap + workbooks, templates
  • Week 3 – Module 3: Know Your SEO + workbooks, templates
  • Week 4 – Module 4: Build Online Authority + workbooks, templates
  • Week 5 – Module 5: Create Content that Works + workbooks, templates
  • Week 6 – Module 6: Budget, Promote & Maintain + workbooks, templates
  • 1:1 Mentorship & Private Student Community
  • $300+ in savings in partner discount codes
  • 5 guest expert speakers for key lessons
  • 6 BONUS lessons on Instagram growth hacking, Twitter growth hacking, pricing guides, my personal guides for closing more content/strategy sales, and more!
  • Certification as a Content Strategist after completion
  • Lifetime access to the course and all of my updates
  • Worth over $999 ( + includes bonuses and software savings codes!)


The Unlearn Essay Writing Course Comes With:

  • 10+ powerful video lessons (and two 50-hour writing workshops) organized in three simple modules: No more than five hours of on-demand video content, produced with on-screen text and easy-to-remember summary sheets
  • Mentorship and certification as an Unlearn Essay Writer after course completion.
  • Student-only partner discount codes: savings on my favorite writing tools!
  • Writing resource library: resources for writers looking to hone their craft, book/reading lists, my go-to resources, and much more!
  • Lifetime access to the course & updates
  • Printable workbooks per module and cheat sheets that help you stay on track, organized, and guided at every step
  • Exclusive access to a private student community to discuss coursework and network with writing peers
  • Timed writing lessons that set you up for success.
  • Worth over $799 ( + includes discounts to my recommended writing tools!)

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  • Private Student Communities
  • 3x Certification

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  • ALL COURSES, All Access (Content Strategy & Marketing Course + Expert SEO Content Writer + Unlearn Essay Writing Course
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  • Private Student Communities
  • 3x Certification

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1-Hour Content Marketing Workshops


Learn and build real content marketing skills in our one-hour workshops. Each one-hour workshop is centered on a skill (i.e. how to pitch clients, a writing mastery workshop, ecommerce content marketing, and more); and, broken up into small videos that are easy to watch.

Templates & workbooks, exercises and downloadables for every workshop; access to a private student group with Julia; and more. Perfect for entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers.

marketers content hacker workshop

Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Your inbound marketing presence is about to catapult forward with new knowledge and skills. Every single workshop offers fresh, never-before-seen training content directly from Julia, the master content strategist herself. Your brand is about to become NEXT LEVEL.

teams content hacker workshop

Agencies & Teams

The whole team can level up! Employers are encouraged to secure seats for their team to join the workshop and increase their knowledge across the board with real skills. Bosses, get ready to see just how fast your team can grow and deliver measurable RESULTS.

social media workshop

Learn Social Media

A Holistic, Inbound, Ad-Free Approach: Learn How to Build Authentic Brand Presence on Social Media

Julia breaks down everything you need to know about dominating your social media presence in a powerful, in-depth one-hour workshop. Your lifetime access to this one-hour training includes lessons on:

  • How to approach brand growth on ALL platforms–LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • How to draft engaging posts and stories on all platforms
  • The best copy formula that will RISE to the top of the platforms
  • A topic chart for high-return social media stories
  • The platforms you NEED to be on in 2021
  • The best days and times to post your content
  • How to create Instagram Reels in a step-by-step guide
  • How to find creative social media help, hire, and delegate social media tasks

And more! You’ll also receive an accompanying 40-page student workbook that gives you the text version of the video lessons, with hands-on templates and exercises.

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learn to write workshop

Learn to Write Online Content

Research, Outline, Source Images For, & Write Great Online Content

In this insightful 2021-friendly workshop, you’ll learn every step in writing powerful content that can WIN and get published on any publication. Julia invites you to watch in an over-the-shoulder tutorial as she drafts a new article from scratch for her Entrepreneur column. Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • How to structure, research, and outline your content
  • A 30-minute writing workshop with Julia watching her create a highly-shared article from scratch
  • How to source and add screenshots (legally!)
  • How to use AI tools without stifling your creative voice
  • How to self-edit your content
  • How to craft click-worthy headlines
  • The final stages of writing content
  • 10-minute writing exercise

This powerful workshop contains NEW and updated strategies so your content will succeed for 2021. Focuses on guest blog strategies (not taught in the Expert SEO Content Writer or Unlearn Essay Writing).

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learn to write press releases workshop

Learn to Write Press Releases

Create Press Releases that Get Published

This one-hour workshop takes you behind the scenes with Julia for an exclusive look at how to write press releases. From start to finish, watch her create a press release with every must-have component to make an impact on any news network. (This workshop is formed from Julia’s internal guidelines that she wrote for her agency, Express Writers, who has written over 1,000 press releases successfully for clients.) Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The rules and guidelines behind writing a press release
  • A downloadable template with examples and guidelines
  • How to use AI to speed up the process
  • How to select a legitimate, zero-spam press release submission outlet

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to write a newsworthy press release that will get accepted in any publication.

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hot topics with buzzsumo

How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo

Julia’s Strategies to Scope Out the Hottest Topics

In one hour, you’ll learn Julia’s EXACT strategies to uncovering and compiling the hottest topics in any industry, by using BuzzSumo and doing content data research techniques — the right way. Topics covered in this workshop include learning how to use BuzzSumo to:

  • Uncover trending blog topics for any niche
  • Put together data-backed topics your publisher or client can’t wait to hit publish on
  • Find what people are sharing and talking about the most in your niche
  • Find and recreate hot topics on your site and/or client sites

PLUS an in-depth student workbook, and exercises to guide the creation of five actionable topics you can start writing about right NOW. When you finish this workshop, you’ll be ready to write content that publishers and readers will love.

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freelancer business setup with elna cain

Freelancer Business Setup Training

Featuring Guest Expert Elna Cain

Veteran freelancer, professional mentor, and guest expert Elna Cain partners with Julia to share her expertise and teach critical first-step lessons new freelancers should know before forming their business. Topics in this workshop include:

  • The discovery process for all freelancers, including finding your niche, ideal clients, and determining which services to provide
  • How to choose and buy a domain, and build your freelance brand
  • Understanding the ins and outs of a freelance business
  • How to find and gain freelance clients
  • A stress-free way to scale your freelancing business

As a bonus, the workshop includes a niche discovery worksheet so you can set your niche goals. With guidance from Julia and Elna, you’ll be ready to become a SUCCESSFUL freelancer this year.

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build your own agency workshop

Agencies & Entrepreneur Business Setup Training

How to Build a D-F-Y (Done-For-You) Agency Model, Price Yourself & Get Clients

This one-hour workshop will teach you how to get started on your service-based model in the content industry, and find clients — without stress or trial-and-error. Get Julia’s personal guide to hiring contractors, including the pricing sheets, templates, and profit margin rules she’s used to sell and grow teams around her own services for ten years from scratch.

  • How to build brand core values
  • How to set profit margins
  • How to start setting pay rates and manage your team
  • How to post jobs, hire, and interview for the right people
  • How to pitch winning strategies to potential clients (and get clients same day)

This workshop is jam-packed with helpful resources, including worksheets, spreadsheets, templates, and downloadables to help you succeed!

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alexander rodriguez in content hacker academy

Learn Tech SEO and Audience SEO

with Guest Expert Alexander Rodriguez

SEO master, digital marketer, and expert guest Alexander Rodriguez (who was one of the SEO brains behind WebMD’s rise to the top of Google!) teams up with Julia to teach you rarely-known strategies for technical and content SEO.

Topics in this workshop include:

  • Beginning tasks for new website owners
  • How to get your content to the top on page 1 of Google
  • What to do if your content isn’t ranking
  • On-page SEO checklist
  • Common SEO mistakes
  • Site structure and internal linking for SEO
  • BONUS: a tutorial from Julia on how she manages the tech side of her content

These important lessons from Julia and Alexander will help you increase your rankings and achieve ROI from your website, and gain clarity on the technical and content side and how it all works together.

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how to build a website workshop

How to Build & Launch a Website

Creating A Site: Domain Name to Hosting, Setup, & Maintenance

A website is a critical marketing asset, and this power-hour workshop will teach you how to set up yours in the best way possible. Topics in this one-hour workshop include:

  • Your mindset: how to think of website tasks for more long-term success
  • Julia’s go-to 4-step guide to setting up a great website
  • How to delegate technical tasks to a knowledgeable web designer
  • Bonus: who to hire!
  • Must-have beginner’s tools and plugins to add to your site
  • Why websites go wrong (and how to make sure yours doesn’t)

This workshop will help you take your website from concept to completion with valuable training focused on long-term success.

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content marketing for ecommerce website

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Content Strategies to Use in Ecommerce Brands

In this powerful workshop, Julia shares the secrets of her content marketing success that has led to her agency Express Writers earning over $5M, with 99% of those sales and leads from search-optimized inbound content. You’ll learn how to do indepth SEO research and put together guides that will help you rival the biggest sites in your ecommerce niche, and dominate, even if you don’t have 5% of the funding those big guys have. Get ready to learn!

Training inside this brand new workshop includes:

  • How to build an SEO blogging campaign for ecommerce brands
  • How to write ecommerce product descriptions (& how to optimize for more conversions BEFORE you blog)
  • How to uncover strong blog topics and keywords for ecommerce-driven conversion
  • How to structure and write SEO blogs to pull in organic traffic
  • How to maintain your content over time

By the end of the hour, you’ll be ready to implement content marketing strategies that will significantly impact your ecommerce profit and revenue for the better.

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content hacker process map

The Content Hacker™ Process Map: Your Guide to Creating & Delegating Content

A student asked us for an A-Z pathway of my content creation process — all the way from the beginning ideas to inner stages and the delegation process. Julia wrote this guide as an answer to their process holes. This is your ultimate answer for “how do I CREATE and/or DELEGATE content?” You’ll learn which content parts to delegate, which ones NOT to, and much more. Get an entire process for mapping out your content, including Julia’s personal rolodex of who to hire.

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content hacker work smarter guide

Immediate clarity on your business margins and team setup.


What’s covered:

    • .. CLARITY (for the first time!!) on how to truly set up a profit margin that works
    • .. Industry “myths” you don’t need to believe about pay rates & contractors
    • .. Where and how to find your first rockstar
    • .. Julia’s personal job ad that has brought in writers behind six-figure projects

Buy Now for $99 Black Friday $50


There are no refunds on the digital guides or memberships created and sold in Content Hacker™ Academy.

There are no refunds on payment plan installments. There are no refunds on the Transformation System.

For the one-time, full upfront payment on our online courses OR a cancelation of payment plan fees (again, note that we DO NOT refund past payment plan fees), we offer a 14-day refund guarantee with proof of exercise completion and proof you completed and went through the full course.

We have our refund policy set up this way to encourage learning, and discourage student laziness. You can’t waltz in here, swipe the training, and ask for your money back — that’s called fraud. You also cannot look at one lesson and think “this isn’t for me.” You must put in a real effort and truly find the training is not a fit for you, and your refund request will only be considered if you requested it within 14 days of enrolling.

It’s up to YOU to put in the work. We’ve done everything possible to make this the simplest and best course on the subject, and we know it works because it’s the exact same methodology that the instructor has practiced in her own agency, internally, to sell millions of dollars worth of content.

However, if you’re on the fence, we want to give you every chance to buy with 100% confidence. So, you have 14 days to trial it. You must go through the implementation program, follow every simple step-by-step exercise plan, and realize how amazing it feels to implement your very own content strategy, write your own SEO content, and see your work reach a real online audience and grow your business. To request a refund within your first 14 days, you must provide proof of exercise completion for each of the exercises along with a thorough reason why you’re requesting a refund, and our administrators will check for proof of going through the whole course by reviewing heat maps within the course.

Again: Please note Monthly Membership fees are non-refundable and are charged automatically on each renewal date (i.e. monthly), for twelve consecutive months. You may not ask for a refund if you have accessed any of the course content. If you sign up for a monthly payment plan, you are obligated to complete that plan. If you do not, and you default on a payment and do not correct the issue with a current card, your school profile will immediately be deactivated and you will be removed from the private student community.

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