Why You Should Consider Joining Clubhouse

"Should I be on Clubhouse?"

Is Clubhouse just another social media fad?

Or, does it have real value?

I tested Clubhouse over the holiday week, and I'm saying yes to Clubhouse.

Here's why.

Picture this…

You walk into an open room.

There's a panel of speakers sitting at the front of the room, just a few feet away from you.

They all look toward you as you enter the room. There's a big sign that encourages you to raise your hand if you want to talk, and you're being immediately pointed towards it.

Feeling welcomed, you raise your hand, and in the next few seconds, you're invited up on stage by a friendly usher and given a seat next to them. You take your seat, barely able to believe your luck. 

Because, as you sit in and find out, one speaker is an eight-figure earner, responsible for over $10,000,000 in sales. He's also sold enough of his own books to make the WSJ bestselling list.

Another one runs the largest conference in the social media industry, and reaches 90 million people on a regular basis with his website. Yet another is an in-demand keynote speaker, paid over five figures to come and give a 30-minute talk.

This is Clubhouse.

And those three people are real people: Dan Henry. Michael Stelzner. Brian Fanzo.

I had the accessibility I just described to you in individual rooms in Clubhouse. 

I cannot believe the power of this incredible new social media app available to marketers and entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur myself (owner of a writing agency and an educational brand–the one you're reading my blog on right now), I've found it incredibly valuable.

And I've only been on Clubhouse for five days as of writing this, but I've spent 7+ hours already listening in and talking. (I can't believe the time I've wasted, ha! 😳 BUT, I was doing other things, i.e. laundry, dishes, blog writing while listening.)

Here are three reasons why I think you should be at least sitting in and listening as of yesterday.

Should I Be On Clubhouse? 3 Reasons Why It Could Be a New Entrepreneur's Biggest Asset

1. Find Your "Average Five" Immediately in Clubhouse

You know the saying, you're the average of the five people you hang out the most with? If you're anything like me, finding "those five" can actually be a giant hurdle. No one I know in real life — well, very few — are entrepreneurs. In fact, it's extremely hard for me to find a real-life person that hits the average five benchmark. My goal is to spend time with people doing better than me, but very often in real life, I'm the only seven-figure self-made expert in the room.

Is this you, too? I've got great news for you.

Clubhouse changes this immediately. In one minute, I can have access to millionaires, in the next minute, speak live with them using Clubhouse's 'rooms,' and then hang out with them for literal hours in my day. It is incredible. Just like that, I've got my average five to hang out with, some of which are doing tens of multipliers better than me. 

For example, multi-millionaire Dan Henry has 100,000+ followers on every other platform. On Clubhouse, he was talking live in a room with a few other entrepreneurs. I noticed he only has 2,000-odd followers. That means you can probably reach Dan Henry right now on Clubhouse more easily than on any other platform.

All you have to do is join the app (by invitation right now, so if you sign up you'll have to wait to be invited, or get in right away with an invitation from an existing member), start following a few awesome people, and then you'll see the rooms they're speaking in.

You can join those rooms with one tap, and listen in to live conversation from mega-successful people in the next few seconds. It's unlike any other social media app I've ever experienced.

Listening in live to social and content trends for 2021 from marketing leaders!

2. Networking Without the Pain or Hassle 

LinkedIn is so full of spam, I cringe before I open the app or go online. The minute I do, I'm spammed with tens of dozens of pitches in the space of ten minutes in my DMs. It's hideously terrible.

In-person networking is, well, somewhat impossible. The networking group I was in has tentatively shut down due to the pandemic. And even when the pandemic is over, it's still a lot of work to go to a networking event. You have to do your hair. Makeup. Clothes. Worry about a plus one, or go solo. Etc.

Enter Clubhouse. You can join rooms with 100, 200, 300+ people, all of which are seeking great conversations just like you. You can learn about anything on how to grow your business. Many of the high-level people in these rooms are open to networking and chatting more.

And if you connect from their profile to their other social media profiles (their Instagram or Twitter, for example), you're "in the door" with them way further on Clubhouse, because you were just chatting live with them.

You can reference that in your connection, too. I've networked and talked directly with incredible speakers and entrepreneurs I would have never have met or come across, were it not for Clubhouse.

I've also listened in a few "million-dollar rooms" (where the speakers are all millionaires), and heard people share that they got three new business deals in the space of a day or two just from hosting their own room and speaking. (Which I plan to try out doing myself soon!)

3. Low Saturation (Right Now)

Nothing is better for marketers and people that would benefit from business connections than a new social media platform with low dilution and great reach.

And that's Clubhouse, for now.

I'm sure it won't be this easy to access top-notch people in another year (or even a matter of months), but for right now, accessibility to connections and new potential audience members is insanely high. So, get in on the action while you can.

Bonus Special Tip: Consider Hosting Your Own Room or Joining As a Speaker

I'm going to share one tip with you right now that I've noticed: The real benefits of Clubhouse lie in speaking. And remember, nothing is pre-recorded here, it's all live — so it is a bit of a commitment.

I wrote this quote down while listening in to the room I described at the beginning of this article: 

“Clubhouse isn’t delivering content, it’s delivering conversations.” —Brian Fanzo, said in Content and social media trends in 2021 Clubhouse room 12/26/20

If you can deliver a great conversation, you could be reaching 100+ new audience members in a matter of a single day or less.

I've seen it happen in rooms, and it's incredible.

You can start a talk of your own with a couple taps, or, tap the calendar icon to schedule one and even add co-hosts.

Don't Be a Douche if You Host a Room

I was in a room on my first day in Clubhouse, and requested to speak. I was invited up "on stage," and given a turn. Twenty seconds into my introduction, the host interrupted me to say, "So where's your question?"

I was immediately turned off, offended, and upset! It was my first time speaking on Clubhouse, and I felt like leaving forever. But instead, I brushed him off and proceeded to gracefully answer, "The question is coming!", then finish my introduction and then ask the question. The host/speaker that had interrupted me never bothered to talk to me again, and let someone else answer my question.

Talk about being a douche!

I did notice when the vibe didn't feel open or welcoming, it was all guys on stage. It seemed like a group of guys as speakers, without a woman on stage, created more of a feel for "bro-marketing" and less friendly, warm, and welcoming of a vibe than the rooms with women on stage.

But no matter who you are, there's no reason to treat a guest rudely. Don't interrupt the guests you invite on stage, and be aware some of them may have knowledge. Never treat them all like total newbies, which was probably the biggest mistake the guy that interrupted me did. He probably had no idea I was a seven-figure self-started earner, too. My first time on Clubhouse definitely didn't mean my first time to the entrepreneurial rodeo.

That said, all-in-all Clubhouse is a huge plus right now for marketers and entrepreneurs. I recommend signing up, joining, and trying it out for yourself.

You may not need — or want! — to spend hours on it, but if you like networking and connecting with awesome people, Clubhouse is a huge opportunity for you.

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12 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider Joining Clubhouse

    1. Hahaha 😂 thanks so much. I couldn't help it. SERIOUSLY so rude! He had no idea I was writing a blog about Clubhouse, ha. Thanks so much for reading!!

  1. Interesting – I'd never heard of Clubhouse before this, and now I see how valuable it can be to get involved asap. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. I had just signed up for Clubhouse because the organizer of a marketing event was encouraging people to register/attend there. I had no idea this is so innovative of a change for social media! I especially was interested in your tips for how people should conduct themselves when it comes to these online meets. With so many people now on at home Zoom or web conf meets, it seems like the wild west out there where we tend to forget our manners 🙂 Love to hear more about those tips possibly in future blog perhaps!

    1. That's a GREAT idea for a followup blog! I was in a room today with incredible etiquette, manners, and empathy. I may have to put that on my writing list. Thanks, Virginia!

    2. And you're so right. People really forget about manners, especially when the thought of hosting or 'creating' something goes to their heads… not all creators are like that, but I saw a lot of 'ego-feeding' happening that was a huge turnoff in these rooms.

      1. I think empathy comes into play big time here. If the host and the attendees were aware of what's expected and put themselves in each other's shoes, I think we can wrangle back a bit of civility! It's similar to the approach when you have Group rules in FB Groups – granted the write-up could be on the dry and direct side – but it works. So an article about 'eManners' in the age of Zoom and Loom would be fascinating to read! Glad it perked an interest!

  3. Awesome insights and breakdown of Clubhouse… Thanks for including my quote on conversations and I'll share this as a digital futurist when I've been asked what I think the future of Clubhouse is….

    I believe the future is unclear not because I don't believe in the value of Clubhouse but because Clubhouse feels TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE and the SOCIAL CONNECTION we've been missing and I have no idea how long this good thing will last but I will be all-in on it doing whatever I can to help maintain the good, vulnerable and intimate experiences I've had on the app!

    Great insights Julia!

  4. Great thoughts, Brian. I LOVE what I heard you say on Clubhouse about it being a platform that delivers conversations, not content. You raise solid points in this comment as well about Clubhouse being too good to be true in a COVID-impacted world, where less IRL interaction is happening. 💯

    The live nature of these powerful conversations is giving me access to MASSIVE connections that consistently shock me. It's definitely smart to ride the wave 🌊 while we can!

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