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10x Your Content Production Without Losing Your Unique Voice or Risking Your Reputation.

Content at Scale's RankWell® is the world’s most advanced AI SEO writer. Equipped with a full-service SEO content production platform, it’s built to protect your reputation and craft content in your unique voice that’s so real and convincing, everyone — from your audience to AI detectors — will believe it’s penned by a real human.

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Built by a longtime SEO and entrepreneur extraordinaire Justin McGill and his team of expert developers, and influenced by leading content experts like our very own Julia McCoy, creator of Content Hacker, this is an AI writer you can trust. No quick VC runs here – only real AI SEO writing solutions.

Justin McGill 

Technology Inventor

A seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing founder, with a history of automating everything possible, Justin has unique logic as the founder, creator, and lead navigator of the Content at Scale technology.

Julia McCoy

Content Hacker Educational Influencer

Julia is a leader in the content marketing space. She sold her company Content Hacker to Justin and Content at Scale in the fall of 2023, and now influences, teaches, and educates on AIO writing, a concept she and Justin invented, now embraced by hundreds of writers. Julia’s training impacts the LLMs behind Content at Scale so that users get incredible long-form output.

Real Benefits
of Using Content at Scale's RankWell®

It's research-backed

Our tech stack, RankWell®, builds an entire database of research per SEO blog, conducting real-time SERP analysis that crawls everything on your topic. A multi-LLM stack we fine-tune daily generates the content.

It's in your voice

With custom AI voice training, it’ll mimic you or your client so well, no one knows the difference. Plus, it’s built by humans with actual skin in the SEO content game.

Publish the best content

No more AI SEO content that’s crappy shit. Period, point blank. We’ve done all the fine-tuning to help you hit the target and simply put, rank well.

Empowering Small Businesses Up to the World's Leading Agencies – Savvy Marketers Trust Content at Scale for All
Their Internal Content Needs

Most indepth AI research process


No sharing of your data


#StraightOuttaAI, Content at Scale writes insanely good content. See a sample.

Content at Scale is the Content Hacker's AI writing tool of choice. It writes 100% original, research-backed, and undetectable content – every time. It doesn't share your proprietary data uploaded to your projects. It's a risk-free, robust choice in the wild west of AI tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For $15, get full access to Content at Scale for 7 days.
  • The trial includes 1 credits for generating 1 long-form blog post (1,000-7,000 words each).
  • After the trial, you will be automatically billed for your chosen subscription plan.
  • You can cancel your trial at any time.

We believe in empowering creators and thinkers, which is why we relinquish full copyright ownership to you, the end user. We hold and retain absolutely no ownership of the articles you generate with our proprietary software. We encourage users to humanly edit AI output with our CRAFT framework and AIO approach so it can be copyrighted as yours.

In terms of safety, we strictly prohibit the use of our AI for producing or publishing content that could be considered harmful, unsafe, adult-rated, or predatory.

Click here to read our full Code of Ethics and Copyright Policy.

Our AI-generated blog posts require very little human editing.  Each article already comes with a title, meta description, URL slug, table of contents, H1-H6 headers, bullet points, key takeaways, and custom call-to-action so all you have to do is fine-tune and proofread the draft.

The AI also takes on the lion's share of the SEO workload. It seamlessly integrates relevant keywords, links, and credible sources into its output to boost your SEO score while ensuring complete originality and avoiding detection.

To further improve the quality of AI content, we teach the CRAFT framework as a way to ensure quality in your AI-produced content.

CRAFT stands for:

    • Cut the fluff
    • Review, edit, optimize
    • Add visuals
    • Fact-check
    • Trust build

These tutorials are designed to help you meet Google’s E-E-A-T requirements – experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness – and make your AI-generated content truly your own.

The entire AIO (artificial intelligence optimization) process takes less than 30 minutes. Content at Scale's RankWell® automates much of the CRAFT process for you.

100%. Designed with a focus on SEO, our software ensures that your content ranks well in Google.

Take Dom Wells, one of our subscribers, for example. He effortlessly published 500 articles without a single text edit. All he did was add an image to each blog post, and within a mere 48 hours, he soared into Google's top 10 rankings!

If you'd like to see the results yourself, you can check out these articles that were generated from a keyword, a podcast episode, and a YouTube video -- all with zero human editing, #StraightOuttaAI.

Absolutely! You can create as many projects as you want on the Content at Scale dashboard.

  • You may cancel your subscription anytime.
  • Your subscription will be terminated at the end of the current billing period.
  • If you cancel, you will lose all access to the app – and your credits – but you will still be able to view the content you've generated using Content at Scale.
  • If you have credits left unused, you can either convert them into blog posts or request a refund for the most recent month. 
  • Your refund request is subject to approval. We may decline your request if we detect any suspicious activity in your account.

Content at Scale can cover any topic or niche under the sun but it does excel in writing these types of content:

    • Informational blog posts
    • Listicles
    • Transactional articles
    • Product reviews
    • Recipe driven content

They sure do! You may use your credits for up to six months but they will expire if your subscription ends.

No other solution offers the convenience of generating top-tier content by merely supplying a keyword. All of the AI writing tools out there require a lot of handholding – and prompting – because they're built on the same machine behind ChatGPT.

Our approach integrates cutting-edge GPT-4, natural language processing, and semantic analysis algorithms – all of which collaborate seamlessly to yield superior content without the need for contextual input or guidance.

Unfortunately, Content at Scale doesn’t generate images – yet. But with the arrival of DALL-E 3, this feature could be available in the future.

In the meantime, you can upload your own images to the text editor or choose from a gallery of stock photos as you optimize your content for SEO. The system will automatically resize your photo to ensure faster page loading speeds.

Businesses that publish 20+ blogs monthly are able to generate 4x more leads. But for entrepreneurs and marketers who are not ready to pump out content at a massive scale, we’ve created the Solo plan which costs $250 per month for 8 long-form blog posts. 

With the Solo plan you get full access to:

  • Content at Scale 2.0
  • Unlimited projects
  • One-off or bulk post creation
  • Keyword, YouTube, podcast, audio file, digital document blog output
  • Unique voice AI training options
  • NLP analysis
  • SEO checklist
  • Keyword insights
  • Copyscape Premium
  • AI detection
  • WordPress/Shopify
  • auto-publish plugins
  • The Scalers community
  • Publish a Blog a Day course
  • AIO Writer Certification course

If you are not happy with the initial draft that the AI wrote, you can re-run your keyword for up to three times at no additional cost. The cool thing is that the AI will generate a unique piece of content every time you do this.

If you still don’t like the outcome even after utilizing all your complimentary turns, you may contact our customer support team via our in-app live chat and request an additional post-credit to address your needs.

We won’t leave you hanging, ever. Rest assured we will work with you so that you can get the most out of your Content at Scale subscription.

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Unfortunately, Content at Scale in its current iteration is not very good at writing ad copy or landing pages. This app is specifically designed for creating long-form, SEO-driven blog content.

To get started with Content at Scale: 

  1. Log into the app and create a new project.
  2. Fill in the details such as project name, context, URL, target audience, tone of voice, word count range, language, and monthly quota. You can even upload samples from your blog to create a custom tone of voice for your articles. 
  3. Click “Write Post” to generate a blog post. You have six input options here:
    • Keyword
    • YouTube URL
    • Existing blog post URL
    • Podcast URL
    • Custom audio file
    • Word/PowerPoint/
    • Doc file 
  4. Click “Write Post Now” to create your article.
    Content at Scale will then crawl Google for top-ranking content around your topic and write an original, undetectable, almost publish-ready blog article in less than 10 minutes!

Surely! You have two options here: upgrade your plan or purchase additional one-off credits to create more blog posts. 

If you're currently subscribed to the Agency plan and require more capacity to publish over 100 monthly blog posts, we're pleased to offer tailored plans featuring bulk rate discounts to accommodate your specific needs.

AI writing assistants such as Jasper and AI chatbots like ChatGPT require a lot of manual input when creating content. For Jasper, you must furnish a campaign brief, while ChatGPT relies on a detailed prompt to generate desired outcomes. And these tools are often limited to short-form content.

In contrast, Content at Scale can effortlessly craft a 3,000-word blog article based on a single keyword input!

Additionally, many AI writing tools leave AI fingerprints in their generated output which can potentially harm search engine rankings, compromise academic integrity, and have a negative impact on readers' opinion. Content at Scale, on the other hand, stands out as the sole AI writer equipped with its proprietary AI content detector, ensuring the creation of human-like content that effectively evades AI detection.

The biggest differentiator for Content at Scale is its focus on SEO. Unlike other AI writing tools that are trained to just write text, Content at Scale is designed to write and optimize content for search engines and readers alike.

The app was developed by a seasoned industry expert boasting 15 years of SEO and content marketing experience (here’s our story) so users can access a wide array of optimization advantages, including automated internal linking, metatag generation, QA schema implementation, valuable keyword insights, salience scores, external links to authoritative sources, and compelling header sections that keep readers on-site longer.

For an in-depth comparison, here’s a complete breakdown of Content at Scale vs. Jasper and Content at Scale vs. ChatGPT.

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