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The Digital Business Owner Opportunity: $800B Spent Online Every Year

How to Use Content Strategy to Craft Your Own Hands-off, Lasting Business

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“I can't say enough how empowering, informative, and transformative Julia's CTS program has been for me and my business. I've been wanting to uplevel all of my systems, strategies, and processes for a long time, and have worked with and checked out a handful of successful business mentors. None got me and my rebranding potential and needs as well as Julia did. In a matter of just two months, she and her brilliant videos have helped me to cherry-pic, and clear all the key bottleneck areas in my business, and quantum leapt- me in a genius zone of magic and momentum.

All the puzzle pieces are finally falling in place--all the right words, images, openings, people, an ideal writer, a special connection and guest post with a major brand-aligned online magazine--have fallen in my lap, all the result of me fully exercising a new crystal-clear boss mindset, gaining mastery in much-needed areas and skills, and understanding how to scale my business without losing my authentic flow and unique touch."


Loraine Van Tuyl
—Loraine Van Tuyl, Founder, The Sacred Healing Well

"It's invaluable to have a group of people all working through the same process to help with brainstorming. Until The Content Transformation System I felt stuck, and after it was as if the floodgates opened and I had one moment of inspiration after the next. Thanks to Julia, Diana, and David, all of you, for your input and suggestions."

chris roberts
—Chris Roberts, Senior Product Manager & Copywriting Founder

“We LOVE The Content Transformation System, Julia!! We are having so many lightbulb moments for many digital endeavors our family is doing.”

Michelle Lanier
—Michelle Lanier, homeschool mom of 7

david martin

—David Martin, UXHACKS

andia content testimonial

—Andia Rispah, Content Takeoff

“Can't help but share this with you Julia – I am having so much clarity as we are setting the whole SEO roadmap for our clients using your system. It now being mostly DFY with DWY means we can bump up the price I originally planned on. YAY! Your program, Content Transformation System, just clicks with me! It's like you have the key that opens up the lock that's been preventing me from making lots of progress!!”

—Rowena Bolo, Founder,


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