Content Hacker v2 is here. Here’s the story.

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content hacker 2

Today, on Halloween, the beautiful evolution of Content Hacker is alive.

It’s allllliiiive!

We tied our launch to Halloween (10.31.23) for a spooky good reveal.

Let me share the story with you.

For the past eleven years, I’ve believed, practiced, and seen for myself that the best marketing is inbound marketing.

100% automated streams of traffic; people that love the experience on a beautiful site you own and manage.

Where you’ve removed yourself, and have 100,000s of visitors AND revenue, MONTHLY & recurring, COMING to find and buy from you – on autopilot.

This is possible.

This is freedom.

This is lasting marketing.

This is business sustainability.

This is marketing I love to run.

You’ve heard me say this “sustainability” message for a LONG time, from Content Hacker.

Today, my vision at Content Hacker evolves a TON.

Thanks to Content at Scale acquiring my brand, and the expanded vision I’ve now been given full liberty to run with 🏃‍♀️, we go from one (me) to many, inviting you in to my all-new tribe of Content Hackers.

(I put all my cards on the Content at Scale table because that’s how much I believe in AI as the future of content. Story of that transition here.)

Along with the relaunch of our new site, a whole host of new offerings just went live.

I’m thrilled to share our new offerings at Content Hacker with you.

But first, storytime. Let me tell you what it means to me that we are here. Apologies for the semi-book. It’s the writer in me… can’t help it, won’t stop it. 😉

The Revolution Behind Today’s Evolution

Content Hacker 2.0’s offerings (incredible community, live events; all new signature, simplified 1-week course) was always in my heart…

On my vision board…

And in my plans.

But here’s the crazy part.

I wasn’t ready to do it.

Till Content at Scale + my brand merged.

This was the kick in the pants I needed, without knowing it, to take everything I’m doing to a whole ‘nother level.


I wasn’t ready to launch my own Content Hacker event where I would need to show up, host, speak, and the spotlight was on me all day long.

But I wanted to.

I wasn’t ready to launch a mass-appeal community with a full-time Director that could handle hundreds and hundreds of folks (one day, thousands, and tens of thousands) learning how to be Content Hackers together.

But I wanted to.

I wasn’t ready to launch an AI-focused course. Heck, last year, I was anti-AI.

But I LOVE being a part of innovation, especially when it means more freedom and better solutions for all of us.

It was only when I found Content at Scale that all of these big dreams became possible.

Not only did I have the how, what, when, where and why for my all-new AI-driven blogging course that just launched today, which I believe will absolutely bring massive revenue and clarity for thousands of online business builders (this would have never been possible without Content at Scale) –

I had the means, and the push (which was ultimately what I was lacking)…

To go 10x bigger.

You know what’s weird?

That little thing called imposter syndrome.

I have a couple of firm beliefs about imposter syndrome.

First; that only the best, most integrity-based people have imposter syndrome. 🤯


It’s actually a sign you care. Hear me out…

I’ve seen so many flashy gurus that truly do not care that they don’t even have the skills they’re shilling.

They’re just selling, selling, selling –

And oftentimes, it’s an empty shell.

No expertise backs up what they’re selling. They’re not stopped by imposter syndrome. That’s because they don’t have the integrity that stops them and say – hey! make sure you truly help your people – like we true practitioners do. They’re just in it for the payday. They truly don’t care about their people.

On the other hand, I do. So much so, I wonder if I’m expert enough.

And that’s where my second belief about imposter syndrome comes in:

It takes the right person (or groups of people) to believe in you to really help you kick imposter syndrome to the curb.

If you are listening to negative voices, you won’t kick imposter syndrome to the curb.

But if you align with people that believe in you, and push you (cough kick-your-butt when you need it)…

You will absolutely be able to overcome it.

Today, my imposter syndrome dies.

I’m declaring it.

Content Hacker 2.0 isn’t just for you – it’s for me.

My declaration to the world of my next evolution.

Personally, one of my number one motivators that keeps me innovating, creating and executing on insane ideas, is belief from others.

If incredible people believe in me, and what I can bring to their table, look out world.

This is akin to fire and the wood that it burns. Or, humans and the oxygen they breathe.

It’s truly incredible when you find a tribe that BELIEVES in you.

That sees your potential.

Not only gets out of your way, but empowers you do the things you do best.

And that is the team at Content at Scale.

That is the people I work with, every day.

Justin McGill, the creator of Content at Scale, is the founder of this team. He’s leading our battalion much like King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) led the Spartans in 300. *insert cheesy meme*

No outside funding. A bunch of scrappy, motivated people. Led by someone that just won’t give up, terrifies us all with a slew of insane ideas (just me? okay), and then shocks us all, and earns massive respect, when ALL of those ideas turn out to be gold.

When I first met him in January of 2023, he was wearing all the hats.

Taking sales calls. Setting up the affiliate program from scratch. Recruiting partners and big clients. Working on the barebones of early product marketing for the blog. Working hard with Josh Slone and Jeff Joyce, two of the early OGs at Content at Scale.

I knew he was the real deal.

Not some AI founder just chasing a quick vein of gold – but a real founder, the type I identified with and was, creating real solutions for true market needs. (Except – even more logical and sensible than me. I’ve learned a lot this year working with him.)

A few days after I met Justin, I took his job offer as VP of Marketing for Content at Scale.

It was incredible to say yes and get on the ground floor of Content at Scale, in those early days.

One of the first things I did was to interview users and see it all for myself. And, introduce the tech in my circles.

A story like an agency experiencing 25x savings and better output by switching to Content at Scale wasn’t unreal. Or a freelancer getting half of her time back in a day. ❤️ I loved everything I saw, and I built early models, like the AIO model – to prove to the world that AI was here to stay. And I was going to align with the “good side” of AI – the functional, real solution that Justin had the vision to build.

In March, I went to President of the company. I pitched Justin on the role; it made sense. We didn’t look back.

In August, I relinquished my personal ownership of Content Hacker and sold it to Content at Scale. It made way more sense than fighting between two brands – Content Hacker being a place where I was still hired to consult, teach, and coach; with Content at Scale as my full-time job.


I’m putting all my cards on the AI content table.

And I have huge dreams and goals for the reach I want us at Content Hacker to have.

Heck, I’ve never embodied anything as much as I believe in and get behind what we’re building at Content at Scale.

So much so, I dressed as Content at Scale this Halloween. 😂 People that had never heard of our brand before, rallied behind the vision I shared of Content at Scale; got in line to meet me; I was uplifted, supported, filmed, 😂 given an award – it was a truly incredible evening.

I even delivered a panel talk dressed as our AI. 😂

Would I have stepped up this much for any other brand I’ve ever ran in the past?

I honestly don’t know if I can say yes to that.

I have never believed in anything I’ve built as much as I believe in what we’re doing with Content at Scale + Content Hacker 2.0 – I believe what we’re doing matters HUGELY to the success of others in the real world.

I believe, so much, in our incredible founder Justin. In the fact that I can trust his logic and vision to be even more sound than my own. (Sometimes. 😜 I’m just kidding.)

I believe, so much, in the team. Josh. Ben. Jeff. Diego. Simon. Farnaz. Simon x 2. Chris. David. Alyssa. Diana.

It’s incredible to work with leaders like Josh – leading the Content at Scale internal team organization and growth in his COO role with a patient, level approach. And killers like Ben – who orchestrated an entire action plan around new revenue and built a sales team almost overnight, when we saw a need.

And so many other amazing people at Content at Scale.

I know we are going to build something that will touch millions, if not billions, of lives.

And that’s wild to simply think about.

You, reading this, are a PART of that.


Watch me talk about Content Hacker 2.0 here:

How It All Started

Let’s go back to the beginning of today’s journey to Content Hacker 2.0.

In 2011, I was 19.

I’d just started freelance writing.

And I decided then and there that I should be the proof of my own pudding.

What better sales message for my skills as a writer IF all my leads came through my own writing? 🔥

And that’s when my love affair with SEO content, a.k.a. blogging as the key to all my traffic, officially began.

I launched a website. And I started blogging.

I still remember when my first lead found me from Google through a keyword I’d targeted, and emailed me.


Someone I didn’t know… had never talked to before… read my content, and was ready to pay me.


Over the next ten years, I turned that same website into a business providing 100 jobs and earning $250,000 per month in revenue.

Would I have had any of that if I didn’t focus on my website?


And that’s why…

Content Hacker 2.0 is (Still) All About Content Published on YOUR Platform, Building Real Online Empires

A website is like a snowball.

It feels very small at first.

It’s frustrating. Your hands freeze. 🥶

It might not even work at first (for example, the snow was too wet = a.k.a., your website was built by someone who didn’t know what they were doing…)

And you have to try again.

But when you have a great website, and you continue to build and build your content library… from 10 blogs to 20, to 50, then 100…

By the time you get to 200, 300 blogs… all highly targeted for the RIGHT search terms…

You’re looking at what could be a six-figure monthly traffic stream.

On autopilot.

That is, if you’ve done the things Google cares about. You’ve built a topically relevant domain. You’ve created hundreds of pieces of content generated to answer EVERY *relevant* question your user has on your topical area of authority. You’ve invested in a well-built, well-functioning website (not some cheap or bad website on an equally low-quality, heavy platform).

This will bring you success.

Massively. I’m talking a 13,000x ROI.

Content Hacker 2.0 is all about this – building real online wealth, on a platform YOU OWN. Where no one can take away your traffic, or shadow-ban your right to speak.

That’s your website. A site is your rocket ship, your launchpad for building a future with content.

Content Hacker 2.0 Offerings Are Built To Immediately Help You Hit the (AI) Ground Running

Today, the new Content Hacker launches.

And we’ve got four amazing new offerings for you, custom-built for immediate tangibility and help in this brave new world of AI content.

Here’s the rundown.

(Free) Content Hacker Resources

Did you see? On the new Content Hacker home page are 10 brand new, free guides that go in-depth into topics that, well, Content Hackers (growth-focused content writers) care about. 😉 Check them out – scroll to the end to see them.

(Paid) Content Hacker Community

This is a $20/month community, structured like a real mentorship/mastermind with me. It’s free if you’re a paying Content at Scale user, btw.

When we started building this, I wanted to make sure we took the BEST parts from my old mentorship program, the Content Transformation System, and infused them into this fresh platform.

The result is a robust networking and educational platform where you can not only learn how to blog with the best of the best, but also use AI to do it BETTER.

There are courses (our AIO Writer, AIO Agency, Publish a Blog a Day) all loaded up for you to dive into, threads chock-full of resources and great posts (all new content!) that you can dive into, plus incredible opportunities to connect with Content at Scale experts (including me!) for 1:1 mentorship and support in your blogging journey. Join us here. 💜

(Paid) Julia’s ALL-NEW AIO Blogger Course

Along with the community launch, we’re also unveiling a NEW course for under $200 that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to build a real empire out of your blog, with our AI (Content at Scale).

Naturally, this course is led by me, but it also features guest experts like Jill Caren, our Director of SEO at Content at Scale; Joe Crivello-Sorenson, a power user of Content at Scale nearing $100,000/month reselling Content at Scale; and Marcus Campbell, a HUGE affiliate marketing expert that uses Content at Scale to help drive traffic to hundreds of websites he owns.

Check out the full rundown of the course here. It’s an amazing course with all of my secrets, fresh off the filming pipeline as of this August; and you’ll want to get into it ASAP if you want to learn how to build revenue-driving online sites with AI as your core blog “writer.”

aio blogger course

Big Event Happening Next March: Content Hacker LIVE

To top it all off, we’re opening up RSVPs to an incredible live event we’re launching next MarchContent Hacker Live.

Meet us in person in Austin, TX, at this incredible event that will be both educational and inspirational.


  • Highly-followed AI futurists.
  • A billionaire.
  • Creators of top AI platforms.
  • Entrepreneurs with incredible stories of using AI to make way more money.

Our opening headline speaker is Elena Cardone 🤯 , who loves and supports our mission.

PLUS pros like Matt Wolfe, Jeff J Hunter, Mark de Grasse, Alicia Lyttle, Stephanie Nivinskus, Desiree Chinn, Jordache Johnson and so many more amazing folks to be announced.

Content at Scale 3.0

In the second week of November…

Our incredible NEW version of Content at Scale (one of the world’s most humanlike AI writers) launches.

This version takes our entry-level price point from $250/mo, down to $49/mo for individual user plans that will include…

  • 25k AI words
  • Personalized AI (trains on your website/content to nail YOUR style)
  • Undetectable AI writing
  • Built-in AI agents + blueprints to help you build out your marketing
  • AIMEE, a powerful chatbot for personalized content creation, prompting, and so much more

And CAS never shares any of your data (including your training data) with ANYONE else, so you never have to worry about it.

Of course, all of the features for long-form blog writing will still be on offer, but we’re adding a TON of new, useful features that will help you win with SEO, research and brainstorm, generate all kinds of content, and more — with various pricing packages tailored to your needs.

It’s Time to Build Your Blog Empire

Crazy stuff. And it’s all happening NOW.

We’re about to take this vision I’ve had for 11 years to the MOON… and help a HECK of a lot more people.

I would love for you to be one of those folks.

Want to be in our Content Hacker crew?

Learn from the best, and network with the rest.

Wondering where to start?

I’ll make it simple:

Git your tush inside the Content Hacker Community ❤️ – it’s a no-brainer.

Can’t WAIT to welcome you inside.

with gratitude,


content hacker community

Become a Content Hacker

Collaborate with other growth-minded, savvy Content Hackers – plus a host of experts. The price of two coffees/month gets you in.