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Struggling to get a beautiful website built?

You need a beautiful site refresh or site built from scratch – and you need it done well. By a true team of experts that care.

You want to get off your platform, and stay off. Whether that’s Squarespace, Kajabi, or Showit, or some string bean solution in-between all of those… you want your website built on the world’s best site platform. And that’s WordPress.

You need this done yesterday. You’re ready to expand your clientele and increase sales. You want a website that shows off your skills and builds big rep – yesterday.

After many years of writing and crafting great content, I’m thrilled to announce our expansion into beautiful, high-level website creation, too.

Trust our expert team to deliver.

(We mock up, implement, and build inside a week.)

Listen to Me Explain the Story Behind Our New Website Service

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See Levels of Pricing & Get a Custom Quote

My name is Julia McCoy, and I’ve built 12 of my own brands (and counting) on WordPress websites.

I’ve been building my own websites since the young age of 19.

I taught myself HTML coding by hand, and then quickly realized a developer was way smarter and better at this than me – so I hired my first one!

My first WordPress website launched in 2012.

Over the next ten years, we managed to build our own custom, full-service ecommerce platform on WordPress that generated over $5M in sales!

Now in our all-new Content Hacker offering to build custom WordPress websites, my team of hired UX and WordPress experts is led by my husband Josh, our CTO. (He led our own custom WordPress builds and oversaw development for a decade.)

I oversee content placement, design, and conversion-first possibilities. He oversees the tech and Google Core Vitals friendliness of each project. (If you get our full-service product, my small expert team and I will write your copy, too.)

Killer value…

The sales pages, brand messaging copy and taglines I write come from 10 years of expert knowledge, and real, hands-on knowledge in what I do, teaching clients content expertise on a daily basis (read my story).

Our small, high-expertise team designs and implements your website build with direct 1:1 oversight from Josh and myself.

Facts: It takes design (UX) along with great SEO and clean website builds to see massive results, and you need a team skilled at all parts. Our team includes a UX expert responsible for hundreds of site designs, who will custom code everything, including your buttons and the way a user interacts with them, for best results (typical: 2-3x increase in conversions from his design work); and a high-level WordPress development expert that used to work at Elegant Themes, handled thousands of customer questions, and knows WordPress solutions like the back of his hand.

Here’s the thing…

My ten-year record of building a website to 100,000 visitors a month and $100k in revenue per month at its height didn’t happen by accident.

It was 100% because of a strong website, great copy, and a UX flow that converted our visitors into more.

wordpress custom websites

Our WordPress designs include:

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User-Friendly Design Flow

Our work starts with storyboard-style UX flow, built from scratch.

Our UX/UI designer creates a flow in Figma after researching best opportunities for more conversions on your site. This can 2-3x any current traffic on your site for more conversions. Here’s an example of two flows and site designs that we’re building out for clients.

Examples of UX Flow We’ve Built From Scratch

This flow is for an expert that specializes in helping coaches book more meetings (VA Setters):

ux mapping website

Here’s what their new site vs. the old site looks like. See how the headline is clearer, there is an image depicting their successful results for clients (immediate resonance with target audience and what they are looking for), and the branding and colors are deepened and bolder:

vasetters website client

This flow is for a financial firm:

ux mapping

See how we took the opt-in, too high up on the page, lower, and started with a text-based headline about what makes them unique & different. The buttons are colored more uniquely and with more standout colors, and lead to clear places that users will naturally want to visit from a home page.

dupree website client
Facts: 2020-friendly website solutions MUST include UX and UI (user flow), along with the actual website development.

But many don’t!

That’s why we include in your website build a full science of studying user interaction flow; we have a UX expert dedicated to work on your site design, along with a WordPress expert. (This is a TOTALLY different skillset than SEO and WordPress development… because SEO means nothing if you’re ranking an icky, non-converting site. This is why UX design is necessary.)

We start with an audit, and then our UX guy gets to work designing a new, fresh mockup for you. He’ll mind-map your user interactions and create the best flow, from scratch, after researching high-converting websites in your industry.

Check out a mind map we did on Figma for a full redesign website client in the financial space. It shows every possible interaction for the user, and our goal was to make it simple and easy for them to navigate. This is included in our service! Our UX expert designs based on what we see works best, and will return the most in clicks, subscribers, and follow-through actions for you. We take what was clunky/icky, and can totally transform it.

You can leave us alone and trust in best possible results. In fact, altering our path may mean less conversions for you! Trust in our expertise, with over 10 years of experience building high-converting websites (and many more, if you include our expert team of UX designers and site builders).

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WordPress Website Build

Once you have the mind-mapping and user flow done for your website, our WordPress development expert takes over. (Note from Julia: I review every stage and ask for alterations based on what I think could work for your business.)

Our WordPress expert actually rebuilds the entire UX design from scratch for implementation inside a staging version of your website, piece-by-piece inside WordPress. We will ask you for a backup first, so nothing breaks, and instruct you on how to set up properly so we can build.

This approach makes us different. We specialize in both for a final, well-built website: UX design and WordPress implementation.

Bonus: our WordPress development includes easy-to-navigate site backends at handoff. We believe website builders shouldn’t be making it impossible to easily alter or upkeep what’s on their site. As a business owner, you SHOULD be in your site on a regular basis (or have a blog editor that will be).

We don’t want clunky site backends to be the experience for any business owner, and that’s why we’ll enroll you in Content Hacker Academy 15-minute trainings on how to add a new blog and edit a sales or landing page after you get your beautifully-finished website.

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Soloprenenur Simple Sites: 5-8 Pages, New UX Flow Designed, Built from Scratch in WordPress

Without Copy: Starting at $2,700
With Copy: Add + $175/page

Get your website built and coded from scratch. Includes full, custom UX design, our WordPress developer, and our overall high-level standard of a beautiful, optimized, easy-to-edit website. Typical site design from scratch, for a new site at 4-5 pages long, is 25-35 hours depending on complexity and work involved. Add our copywriting fee for insanely good, clear copy crafted and ready for publishing out of your braindump or existing content. Get ready to work with us and be quick to answer questions so we get your site live inside 2 weeks!

treasure map

Expert-Led Enterprise: 20+ Pages, Features (Search, Events, etc.) New UX Flow, Built in WordPress

Without Copy: Starting at $10,000
With Copy: Add + $175/page

Let us build your enterprise-level site with a new, from-scratch UX flow that will convert your visitors, and implementation that will be a beautiful representation of your brand. For the additional fee, we can write incredibly captivating copy, too. Julia and her small core team of Swiss-army-knife trained writers, who train under her on a daily basis, will personally write your website copy for you. You’ll need to fill out some comprehensive forms so we get to know you and your brand intimately. This type of project typically takes 1-2 months.

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Who Is Best For Our Custom WordPress Website?

  • B2Bs and B2C Founders: Missing a great website? Let us build your website and fast-track a site you’re proud of.
  • Brands: Have a brand you’re proud of? Take it to the next level with our custom WordPress websites.
  • Coaches & Experts: Your beautiful website will bring you and your ideas to life like never before.

Who SHOULD NOT Invest In Our Custom WordPress Websites?

  • Agency Resellers: Sorry, we don’t build sites for agency resellers. It’s best to let us work our magic directly with the end client, so that’s why we have a high-level, 1:1 approach AND reject agencies. Don’t ask to resell us, please – no middle-man wanted.


100% Client Happiness Guarantee

We design, build, and publish a beautiful website that you absolutely love. This is our guarantee. And we’ll revise until you’re happy. That said, we expect promptness in feedback at each stage (if you’re not ready to do this, please don’t send in an inquiry). We move fast and well. If you won’t be able to get copy to us in time, consider hiring us for that, too. Our goal is to start and finish your website within one full month (that’s from the very first stage, an audit of your existing presence and mockup of the new site, all the way to hitting publish on your new, beautiful website). Oftentimes, less is more; meaning the more you trust our expertise and let us work magic for you, the better! We know this like a science and can be fully trusted to deliver. That said, your happiness is critical, and we are here for YOUR success – you can trust that, too. I look forward to hearing from you!

To you,