Introducing Woman Rising: A True Story (My New Book Launches February 2020)

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woman rising by julia mccoy

I’m so thrilled and delighted to share with you that after two years of writing and countless hours of sweat, tears and rough drafts, my third book is on track to hit the bookstores of Amazon in just a few short months (February 2020!). Get on the waitlist here.

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It’s an unbelievable feeling to finally come out with this story, to share with you the true history behind how and why I began Express Writers, Content Hacker, and two other successful brands (Content Strategy & Marketing Course, The Expert SEO Content Writer) over the past eight years.

Woman Rising: A True Story veers from the non-fiction and marketing genres of my previous titles to take you on a much more personal journey. 

This is the narrative of my life raised in a cult, how I escaped (in the middle of the night!), and built a life of joy, healing, and fulfillment. I’m not kidding you, this is a 100% true story.

I grew up in a household that looked perfect from the outside — but in reality, I was under the very real, terrifying control of a religious leader. When I escaped at the age of 21, I never thought that I would arrive where I am today, here at 28, experiencing joy, happiness, fulfillment and success. It’s unreal. 🙏 I am so grateful.

I wrote this book to inspire others to pursue their dreams, like I’ve done. No matter what, or who, stands in your way. Because you never know — your dreams might come true, too, far beyond your wildest dreams.

Woman Rising: The Video Interview Story

Want to learn more about the story itself? Check out my video interview, starring my husband and our CTO at Express Writers, Josh, as the interviewer (who rarely comes on video — we had lots of fun 🌟).

The Cause Behind Woman Rising: A True Story

Woman Rising is more than just the retelling of my true, insane life path so far — from an upbringing inside of my father’s cult to escaping and finding my own joy, building a lasting legacy, and putting in the work to build a business out of my passion. Psst… that’s the actual ‘escape night’ scene on the front cover. No joke! Read the full story behind the cover art in my Facebook post.

woman rising book by julia mccoy
A sneak peek at my cover.

I also intend for the release of this book to fuel my cause, The Woman Rising Project. This will be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization determined to be a voice for those who have none, who are trapped and abused inside the homes of family, those that should love them, but are doing the very opposite.

If there’s anything that the media shows us, it’s that my upbringing, sadly, isn’t one-of-a-kind. From tragedies like the Turpins to the rampant abuse done in the name of religion coming out and surfacing every day, abusive households lay scattered throughout our nation, completely hidden by a façade of normalcy.

I’m partnering with seven other nonprofits that have come personally recommended to me, who are making real changes in their battle against hidden home abuse – whether that’s religiously-fueled domestic violence or the issues of women and children kept in slavery right here inside the US.

Woman Rising is the story that we’ve all heard but never realize just how close to home it really is. I will be sharing my time, donating copies of Woman Rising, and lending my creative energy to these organizations to help raise awareness and fight that battle.

I’d love your help with the message and the cause.

Be a Part of Woman Rising: A True Story

I’ve shared my story of what happens when everyone around you fails to spot the warning signs of hidden abuse – or when there simply are none. I was once a child that lived inside a home ruled by terror. No one came to my aid. Everyone was fooled by our exterior. Now, I want to bring a voice to those who have no one fighting for them. No one.

You can help.

1.) Go to and get signed up to know when the book releases.

2. Follow The Woman Rising Project page on Facebook.

3. Join our beta reader private Facebook group and be a beta reader before my book comes out in February 2020.

Your single book payment will help me fund the path and journey to helping others without a voice. You could impact the life of one more person for the better, just by buying a copy of Woman Rising.

Finally, consider shouting out to Woman Rising when it launches.

Thanks for sticking around to read all about my book. I look forward to having you read my story — very soon.

– Julia

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