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Make 2021 a year to focus on GROWTH, the content-marketing way. Stop trying the flashy hacks that don’t work, and invest in real content marketing skills. Attract new leads, boost your sales, and enhance your inbound marketing knowledge with proven tips and techniques to propel your business forward.

Julia McCoy, 4x author and acclaimed content marketing leader (in the top 30 worldwide!), is your Sherpa in every session. Download the curriculum.


Content Hacker™ Academy Workshops

Value-packed one-hour classes, focused on helping you build real content marketing skillsets in the shortest amount of time possible. Led by Julia McCoy. All video content, templates, and student workbooks unlock when you enroll in your workshop.


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Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Your inbound marketing presence is about to catapult forward with new knowledge and skills. Every single workshop offers fresh, never-before-seen training content directly from Julia, the master content strategist herself. Your brand is about to become NEXT LEVEL.

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Agencies & Teams

The whole team can level up! Employers are encouraged to secure seats for their team to join the workshop and increase their knowledge across the board with real skills. Bosses, get ready to see just how fast your team can grow and deliver measurable RESULTS.


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  • Brand-new, 2021 content marketing workshops led by Julia
  • Top-notch guest experts join Julia to teach on technical SEO and freelancing business topics
  • On-demand videos with walkthrough exercises and hands-on activities
  • Just $199 per seat
  • 1-hour sessions per workshop, broken up into mini video lessons
  • In-depth accompanying student workbook & templates for each workshop
  • Lifetime access per seat
  • Access to a live group training with Julia (choose your dates)

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Learn Social Media

A Holistic, Inbound, Ad-Free Approach: Learn How to Build Authentic Brand Presence on Social Media

Julia breaks down everything you need to know about dominating your social media presence in a powerful, in-depth one-hour workshop. Your lifetime access to this one-hour training includes lessons on:

  • How to approach brand growth
  • How to draft engaging posts and stories
  • The best copy formula
  • A topic chart for high-return social media stories
  • The platforms you NEED to be on in 2021
  • The best days and times to post your content
  • How to create Instagram Reels in a step-by-step guide
  • How to find creative social media help, hire, and delegate social media tasks

And more! You’ll also receive an accompanying 40-page student workbook that gives you the text version of the video lessons, with hands-on templates and exercises.

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learn to write workshop

Learn to Write Online Content

Research, Outline, Source Images For, & Write Great Online Content

In this insightful 2021-friendly workshop, you’ll learn every step in writing powerful content that can WIN and get published on any publication. Julia invites you to watch in an over-the-shoulder tutorial as she drafts a new article from scratch for her Entrepreneur column. Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • How to structure, research, and outline your content
  • A 30-minute writing workshop with Julia
  • How to source and add screenshots (legally!)
  • How to use AI tools without stifling your creative voice
  • How to self-edit your content
  • How to craft click-worthy headlines
  • The final stages of writing content
  • 10-minute writing exercise

This powerful workshop contains NEW and updated strategies so your content will succeed for 2021.

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learn to write press releases workshop

Learn to Write Press Releases

Create Press Releases that Get Published

This one-hour workshop takes you behind the scenes with Julia for an exclusive look at how to write press releases. From start to finish, watch her create a press release with every must-have component to make an impact on any news network. (This workshop is formed from Julia’s internal guidelines that she wrote for her agency, Express Writers, who has written over 1,000 press releases successfully for clients.) Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The rules and guidelines behind writing a press release
  • A downloadable template with examples and guidelines
  • How to use AI to speed up the process
  • How to select a legitimate, zero-spam press release submission outlet

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to write a newsworthy press release that will get accepted in any publication.

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hot topics with buzzsumo

How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo

Julia’s Strategies to Scope Out the Hottest Topics

In one hour, you’ll learn Julia’s EXACT strategies to uncovering and compiling the hottest topics in any industry, by using BuzzSumo and doing content data research techniques — the right way. Topics covered in this workshop include learning how to use BuzzSumo to:

  • Uncover trending blog topics for any niche
  • Put together data-backed topics your publisher or client can’t wait to hit publish on
  • Find what people are sharing and talking about the most in your niche
  • Find and recreate hot topics on your site and/or client sites

PLUS an in-depth student workbook, and exercises to guide the creation of five actionable topics you can start writing about right NOW. When you finish this workshop, you’ll be ready to write content that publishers and readers will love.

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freelancer business setup with elna cain

Freelancer Business Setup Training

Featuring Guest Expert Elna Cain

Veteran freelancer, professional mentor, and guest expert Elna Cain partners with Julia to share her expertise and teach critical first-step lessons new freelancers should know before forming their business. Topics in this workshop include:

  • The discovery process for all freelancers, including finding your niche, ideal clients, and determining which services to provide
  • How to choose and buy a domain, and build your freelance brand
  • Understanding the ins and outs of a freelance business
  • How to find and gain freelance clients
  • A stress-free way to scale your freelancing business

As a bonus, the workshop includes a niche discovery worksheet so you can set your niche goals. With guidance from Julia and Elna, you’ll be ready to become a SUCCESSFUL freelancer this year.

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build your own agency workshop

Agencies & Entrepreneur Business Setup Training

How to Build a D-F-Y (Done-For-You) Agency Model, Price Yourself & Get Clients

This one-hour workshop will teach you how to build a lucrative, in-demand, done-for-you service-based model in the content industry, and find clients — without stress or trial-and-error. Get in on the gold! For the first time ever, Julia’s revealing her personal guide to hiring contractors, including the pricing sheets, templates, and profit margin rules she’s used to grow her own $5M service-based agency from scratch.

  • How to build brand core values
  • How to set profit margins
  • A plan on how to set pay rates and manage your team
  • How to post jobs, hire, and interview for the right people
  • How to pitch winning strategies to potential clients (and get clients same day)

This workshop is jam-packed with helpful resources, including worksheets, spreadsheets, templates, and downloadables to help you succeed!

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alexander rodriguez in content hacker academy

Learn Tech SEO and Audience SEO

with Guest Expert Alexander Rodriguez

SEO master, digital marketer, and expert guest Alexander Rodriguez (who was one of the SEO brains behind WebMD’s rise to the top of Google!) teams up with Julia to teach you rarely-known strategies for technical and content SEO.

Topics in this workshop include:

  • Beginning tasks for new website owners
  • How to get your content to the top on page 1 of Google
  • What to do if your content isn’t ranking
  • On-page SEO checklist
  • Common SEO mistakes
  • Site structure and internal linking for SEO
  • BONUS: a tutorial from Julia on how she manages the tech side of her content

These important lessons from Julia and Alexander will help you increase your rankings and achieve ROI from your website, and gain clarity on the technical and content side and how it all works together.

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how to build a website workshop

How to Build & Launch a Website

Creating A Site: Domain Name to Hosting, Setup, & Maintenance

A website is a critical marketing asset, and this power-hour workshop will teach you how to set up yours in the best way possible. Topics in this one-hour workshop include:

  • Your mindset: how to think of website tasks for more long-term success
  • Julia’s go-to 4-step guide to setting up a great website
  • How to delegate technical tasks to a knowledgeable web designer
  • Bonus: who to hire!
  • Must-have beginner’s tools and plugins to add to your site
  • Why websites go wrong (and how to make sure yours doesn’t)

This workshop will help you take your website from concept to completion with valuable training focused on long-term success.

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content marketing for ecommerce website

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Content Strategies to Use in Ecommerce Brands

In this powerful workshop, Julia shares the secrets of her content marketing success that has led to her agency Express Writers earning over $5M, with 99% of those sales and leads from search-optimized inbound content. You’ll learn how to do indepth SEO research and put together guides that will help you rival the biggest sites in your ecommerce niche, and dominate, even if you don’t have 5% of the funding those big guys have. Get ready to learn!

Training inside this brand new workshop includes:

  • How to build an SEO blogging campaign for ecommerce brands
  • How to write ecommerce product descriptions (& how to optimize for more conversions BEFORE you blog)
  • How to uncover strong blog topics and keywords for ecommerce-driven conversion
  • How to structure and write SEO blogs to pull in organic traffic
  • How to maintain your content over time

By the end of the hour, you’ll be ready to implement content marketing strategies that will significantly impact your ecommerce profit and revenue for the better.

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Meet Your Content Hacker™ Academy Workshop Instructors

julia mccoy content hackerJulia McCoy,
Express Writers, The Content Hacker™
4x Bestselling Author

Julia McCoy is a content marketing strategist extraordinaire, successful entrepreneur, workshop coach, and passionate advocate of developing businesses from the base up through the use of high-quality content. She grew her writing agency, Express Writers, from a humble start of $75 to a current-day value of over $5M in sales thanks to her optimized inbound content. Julia devotes much of her time to writing bestselling books, leading operations at Express Writers, and sharing her knowledge and expertise with marketers and their teams through The Content Hacker™ Academy.


elna cainElna Cain, Freelancer,

Elna is a professional writer, freelance coach, and mentor. As a leading expert within the niche of freelancing, she boasts an impressive list of press features, including The Penny Hoarder, Entrepreneur, SmartBlogger, Huffington Post, Freelance Writing, Infusion Soft, Tailwind, and other publications. Elna has helped many freelancers fine-tune their onboarding process and become successful. Learn more about Elna.

Elna will be joining Julia as a guest expert in the Freelancer Business Setup Training Workshop.


alexander rodriguezAlexander Rodriguez, SEO/CRO Consultant, SEO for

With ten years of professional SEO, CRO, and digital marketing experience under his belt, Alexander’s mission is to use those skills to help businesses thrive. He relies on his knowledge of SEO and the latest marketing techniques, strategies, and technologies to focus on leads and conversions. In his own words, he is “an ambitious futurist with a drive to find the next big marketing thing.” He enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing practices to drive organic traffic and educate consumers while completing his goals. Connect on LinkedIn.

Alexander will be joining Julia as a guest expert in Learn Tech SEO and Audience SEO.


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Content Hacker™ Academy workshops give you the flexibility to choose from multiple different workshops. As soon as you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to all of the workshop content, templates, and workbook that goes along with every single one-hour class. Get ready to learn!

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In my content marketing workshops, I’m teaching entrepreneurs and marketers real skills behind powerful content marketing — Cliff Notes style.

This is powerful, ZERO-fluff training for the marketing skill you want to learn, giving you the pathway you need to learn that skill now.

Choose the workshop that’s most relevant to you, and skip the rest. You can learn and build a real skill if you apply yourself and learn — in just one hour!

Every single one of my workshops come with lifetime access, and a comprehensive student workbook, templates and downloadables on top of the powerful one-hour video class (broken up into sections, so you don’t have to sit for an hour at a time). Plus: bonus access to a live session with me in late July!

It’s 2021, and it’s time we had a better way to learn and instill marketing skills.

My new content marketing workshops will do just that for you.

I can’t wait to see you inside. Let me help you grow!   

—Julia, Educator & Content Hacker™

Sarah Andrade, Content Manager at Nextgen Healthcaresarah julia workshop

“Julia taught our 4-hour content creation workshop and it was like she’d been teaching her whole life. Thank you, Julia, for delivering! We appreciate your accommodation to the deadline and flying down to California on such short notice.”

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