Workshop: Learn How to Find Hot Topics




Workshop: Learn How to Find Hot Topics


Learn How to Produce a Steady Stream of Content Topics Data-Backed for Success, Using Julia’s Favorite Content Data Research Tool BuzzSumo


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What’s In the Content Hacker Academy Learn How to Find Hot Topics Workshop

An over-your-shoulder one-hour class, covering at an in-depth level how to use BuzzSumo to discover hot topics for any niche.

Learn hot topic strategies in the shortest amount of time possible, and exit this workshop with client or boss-ready skills.

learn how to find hot topics

Led by Julia McCoy, content marketing leader. The workshop videos, templates, and student workbook unlocks immediately when you enroll.

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Agencies & Teams

Increase your team’s ability in content data research, an important skill in content marketing in the 2020s, by enrolling them in this workshop on how to do just that with BuzzSumo. Bosses, get ready to see your team produce results!

marketers content hacker workshop


Marketers, learn the important and in-demand skill of content data research and how to uncover hot topics for any industries that will draw in readers. Use Julia’s ten-year proven strategies with one of the best content data tools, BuzzSumo.

Quick question for you.

What do you do when your audience ignores your content?

I know, it’s tough.

You spend hours brainstorming your next blog’s topic.

Then, you sit down for an extra day or two to write it.

You polish it until it shines.

Finally, you hold your breath and click “publish” on what you consider one of the best pieces of content you’ve ever written.

You wait.

A minute passes. An hour. A week. A month.

Nothing happens.

Your audience is ignoring you.

And that’s not the worst of it.

Because each week, you repeat the whole process.

Brainstorm. Write. Publish. Scratch your head when no one seems to care about your content.

When will this end?

Is there a way you can consistently and confidently publish content you’re 100% sure your audience will adore?

(Hint: there is.)

online writing course

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The Secret Behind Why Your Content Is Getting Ignored

(It’s Probably Not What You Expect)

Ok, if you’re doubting that you were “meant to be a writer”…

…it’s time to stop.

The truth is, I don’t believe anyone was born to be a writer.

In fact, no one was “born to be” anything.

We discover what we love to do and build the skills that allow us to do it better.

Sounds unromantic, but it’s 100% true.

The same is true with writing.

Anyone can work to become a superb writer.

So if you’ve honed and polished your skills for some time, and your audience is still ignoring you…

…it probably isn’t because you suck at writing.

 It’s because they’re not interested in what you’re saying.

Let it sink in, and it’ll make sense.

  • People don’t go online to read, they go online to solve a problem.
  • Reading is a necessary evil your audience goes through to get what they want.
  • If you don’t give them what they need, they’ll leave, no matter how awesome your writing skills are.

Make sense?

I mean, you wouldn’t read a 3,000-word piece on square-shaped onions if you don’t care what shape your onions are, right?

It doesn’t matter how well-written the content is.

Ok, let’s get this straight once and for all.

If your audience is ignoring your content, it’s not because you weren’t born to be a writer.

It’s simply because you’re not writing about the stuff they’re interested in.


hot topics with buzzsumo

Yes! — Learn Content Data Research Techniques

Want to Dive into Your Audience’s Brain and Discover the Topics They’ll Adore?

I know, it sounds like the stuff of fairytales.

Imagine if you could do it.

Pick your audience’s brain to find out exactly what kind of content they want to consume at the moment.

I say “at the moment” because your audience is continuously changing.

They’ll love a topic one month, then completely abandon it the next.

What if you could always stay ahead and know what to publish to get instant engagement, shares, and hot leads?

The amazing news: there is a way to do this.

There is a way to:

  • Know what topics your audience is consuming right now
  • Get a constant stream of topic ideas they’ll love
  • Never wake up in the morning panicking, with no idea what you’ll write and publish next

So, are you ready?

Ready to go from having zero idea why your audience is ignoring your content…

…to waking up every morning feeling confident they’ll love everything you publish?

If you’re shouting “YES,” you’ve come to the right place.

professional online writing course


How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo: My One-Hour Workshop Teaching You How to WOW Your Audience with Content They Adore

Want to know the secrets I (and other successful online writers) use to never run out of content ideas, and consistently publish pieces that get a ton of engagements?

I’d love to help you.

That’s exactly why I created the How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo workshop.

BuzzSumo is a tool I absolutely love, and I use it whenever I do content strategy.

Now, the truth is, you can subscribe to BuzzSumo and do research on the top-shared content on multiple platforms yourself.

And you can go online and read or watch guides that’ll help you navigate the tool.

But if you want a step-by-step guide and my secret sauce to using it to discover and plan awesome topics…

…you’ll want to watch my one-hour workshop.

buzzsumo workshop

Inside How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo, I’ll show you my personal formula for using BuzzSumo to find rave-worthy content ideas.

I’ll teach you:

  • My secret sauce on using the content discovery tool to spark up brand-new topic ideas I’m 100% sure my audience will love
  • A step-by-step process for finding the top-shared pieces of any website, so you can discover exactly what topics your audience is engaging with in real time
  • Tips and tricks on spying on your competitors and learning what’s working for them, and what’s not
  • How to know when to go for a topic, and when to leave it completely alone
  • And so much more!

Now, here’s something you’ll love about this workshop.

It’s not like those generic, regurgitated guides that read like a manual on using a tool.

It’s a collection of my personal secrets and real strategies I use for my own topic discovery process.

Plus, I’ve crafted the workshop to be a personal experience for you. I’ve included a downloadable workbook, guides, examples, and over-the-shoulder videos in which I show you how to do everything step-by-step. As a special bonus, you’ll also have access to an exclusive group where you can ask questions and meet other awesome entrepreneurs and freelancers like you.

My promise to you with this workshop is that in only one hour, you’ll say good-bye to burnout, confusion, and publishing content no one reads…

…and hello to finding out exactly what your audience wants and confidently planning and publishing content that gets a ton of engagements.

Yes! I’m In — Learn Hot Topic Research

Hi! I’m Julia McCoy, and I’ve Been Writing Hot Content for Over a Decade

I’ll be honest with you.

There’s a ton of techniques you can use to brainstorm content topics.

You can take the long route and experiment with every one of them until you find what works for you.

But if you want to take the shortcut, you can learn a powerful, proven-and-tested strategy from me.

Can you trust me to guide you in the right direction?


That’s because I’ve been crafting hot content for over a decade.

And the truth is, it didn’t always go well.

There was a time when I was like you: lost, confused, burnt out, publishing content my audience didn’t care for.

I didn’t stay that way forever, though.

I learned everything I could about content that works. I experimented with different techniques. I tried and failed countless times.

Finally, I landed on a strategy that worked. I built my formula and secret sauce for never running out of rave-worthy, shareable topics my audience loves.

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag.

I’m telling you to let you know that if your audience is ignoring your content right now…

…that’s totally OK.

We all start somewhere.

And with my one-hour workshop, How to Find Hot Topics with BuzzSumo, I’ll give you the formula I’ve perfected over years of writing hot content…

…so you can skip the guesswork and start crafting your own crave-worthy pieces today.

Case Study: 140,000+ Readers from One Hot Topic

Now, maybe you’re asking, “What can I expect when I use your content discovery process, Julia?”

Will I get a few extra shares on my content?

A hundred hot leads, maybe?

I’m telling you: you’ll get much more than that.

You see, BuzzSumo + my personal topic discovery process are a superpower combo.

I use them whenever I write for both my own blog and guest posts on popular publications like Entrepreneur and Search Engine Journal.

Do they work?

You bet.

In fact, a recent guest post of mine on SEJ made it to top-read content of the month and pulled in 140,000 readers!

I’ve received gift cards from their editorial team (and payments, too) for making it to top-read. ♥️

search engine journal gift card

That’s the power of having the data + the strategies to land brilliant content ideas you know your audience will adore.

Now, your turn.

Are you ready to discover those topics that’ll bring in tens or even hundreds of thousands of readers?

Yes! Get me in the workshop

What Students Say About The Content Hacker™ Academy


"I love all the valuable information you provide in the Unlearn Essay Writing Course. For me it's the first time I do a course on writing, and I really wanted to do it because I have been writing in social media and my blog for the past months, and all this time I just felt clueless. With your course I have received enough knowledge and resources so as to get me started and feel I will now know what I'm doing.

Another thing which I love about the course is the format. It's just beautiful. Compared to other courses which are recordings of live sessions, the refined style of your course is truly inspiring, engaging, and educational.

Kind regards ❤️  Marielle"

Read Marielle's first article, which she wrote and published through the guidance of the Unlearn Essay Writing Course!

—Marielle Fois, Coach & Content Creator

“I’m really going slow with The Unlearn Essay Writing Course and taking my time so I can absorb as much as possible to improve my writing. I love it!“

nicole kolesar
—Nicole Kolesar, Founder of KPress Copywriting

"I just want to say thank you Julia McCoy for sharing your "secrets" in the Workshop-Style Set up for success, in The Unlearn Essay Writing Course.
This tutorial was very interesting to understand the creative process."

—Pascal Lanot, Writer

"Julia's Unlearn Essay Writing course is insightful and accessible. It has long term value that will benefit students for the long haul. I'm so grateful that a friend recommended I take this course. I'm honored to do the same for you!"

Pete Ziolkowski Content Creator, Pastor
—Pete Ziolkowski, Content Creator

“I spent some time yesterday working through The Unlearn Essay Writing Course modules and, as always, super impressed with your thoroughness and I love the time built in to TAKE ACTION. I absolutely love the background music you chose too, it just makes the whole thing seem relaxing, inviting, and like I am working with a higher purpose! ?”

—Sarah Schaefer Christopher, Writer at Sarah S. Christopher

“As a published playwright and a veteran teacher of English for over 20 years, I consider myself a writer, but writing for social media and the internet really is a different animal. If you want to feel really confident about your social media content writing, then you want to take Julia’s Unlearn Essay Writing Course. It’s an incredible experience where you unlearn all your bad behavior and learn all the good behavior on how to do the correct type of writing for digital platforms.

Because this class is an online class, it takes you on a personal journey, you can go as fast as or as slow as you want and you can even repeat the lessons. Each module comes with its own downloadable workbook, again that you can print out and look at whenever you want, this is an incredible addition just to having the online classes.

The course gives you an approach that you can use for online writing that you can use over and over again, while still keeping your writing fresh and your personality front and center. Julia isn’t offering you a template, she’s offering you a system of thinking and communicating, this is paramount in today’s social media world, it gives you the newest tools and the freshest voices to follow. So, if you want to be a content writer, then this is the class for you. Don’t wait. Sign up today. You won’t be sorry.”

—Sura Rosenberg, Content Creator at Two Heads Video Marketing

"I am very excited to have become a Certified Content Strategist via Julia's Content Strategy & Marketing Course! I am passionate about developing websites, but I had been looking to go beyond just giving my clients an attractive, functioning spot on the internet. Discovering Julia's passion for creating, presenting, and promoting excellent content was the perfect fit for gaining a skill and service that I wanted to offer. I came away from the course feeling confident, energized, and eager to serve my clients." Bruce Thede, Web Developer at

bruce thede portrait
—Bruce Thede, Web Developer,

"I’m a freelance copywriter based in the UK. I’ve just finished your content strategy course and I was really impressed (I keep going back to your videos to check things!) Honestly your course is amazing and far more practical than anything I could find offered by anyone else." Claire Hewson, Freelancer at WriteSpark

claire - content strategy course student
—Claire Hewson, Freelancer

"The CS&M course is well organized, easy to understand, and highly usable, meaning you can apply it right away. Julia makes use of more than just her own resources, as well–she draws on the wisdom of other influencers in the industry with proven success. Real studies and statistics support her claims, so she’s not just opinionating. Julia is also amazing at feedback–she answers promptly and provides highly useful answers and examples. This course has been so informative, endlessly fascinating, and even fun–which is how I know I’m in the right industry. Thank you, Julia, for your tireless help and deeply comprehensive answers to my questions in the FB group–I’ve not experienced that from an instructor in a while! I’m ultimately grateful that you’ve provided this amazing journey, as it’s kept me in a more positive place in a year of negativity and difficulty by giving me purpose, direction, and exercise for my brain."

elizabeth dodd, content strategy course student
—Elizabeth Dodd, Freelancer

"This course is one of the BEST I’ve seen! Love it." (Gina used The Content Strategy & Marketing Course to build her own content marketing business selling Done-For-You free challenges.)

gina bernier
—Gina Bernier, Copywriter & Strategist at

"IMO every bit of info you absorb from The Content Strategy & Marketing Course can make your a more valuable content writer, especially if your client doesn’t have an experienced content strategist."

john pratt
—John Pratt

“I am going through Module 2 in The Content Strategy & Marketing Course regarding audience persona and Facebook ads. The module alone is worth the price of the course. I have paid dozens of so-called experts over the past two years, not to mention actual ad costs, and NONE of the people I hired came close to helping me like this module. I finally know how to build a persona and use FB ads in a targeted way. Now, just collecting survey results. By the way, I discovered my audience persona is the EXACT audience I want to target, just didn’t know how until this course.”

—Kimberly Raya, Founder at

"I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. I still remember when I decided to research content writing and your video came up on YouTube. Thank God that it did. I loved how you explained everything so clearly and I felt empowered to pursue this skill.

Your programs and guides have been a great experience and I appreciate the time you took to teach the course, and I am looking forward to using my newfound skills as a content writer.”

majid moussa
—Majd Moussa, Entrepreneur & Content Creator

"If you're considering hiring Julia to train you, DO IT. She puts so much time and effort into her coaching, her courses, and her recommendations to your exact needs. You will walk away with a plan of action to get to your next step, and peace of mind that you're being coached by the absolute best of the best in the content marketing world. My advice if you hire Julia as your coach: Spend time answering her pre-session questions thoroughly--that will help Julia get to know you more, determine the best recommendations and action items for you and help you see strengths/skills that you didn't know you had."

sarah greenberg alumni
—Sarah Greenberg, Freelance Content Marketer

"Since creating my strategy in The Content Strategy & Marketing Course, I have even more ideas that I am going to add to it. Truly a stellar course with so much good content, and taking action step-by-step as I went through the lessons made it all make so much sense. Cheers to you and thank you, Julia!"

—Sarah Schaefer Christoper, Freelance Copywriter & Entrepreneur

"I don't know how I found Julia, but I'm glad I did. Her course materials are comprehensive and up to date. After learning the groundwork, you will have the skills to write optimized and interesting posts. She introduces you to many of the cutting edge data tools out there (SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs to name a few). Her Practical Content Strategy and Marketing Course and the Expert SEO Content Writer Course were great! Julia has taught me enough to start getting great ideas for a future in the content marketing industry. Go for it!"

stuart williams
—Stuart Williams, Content Creator at The Consciousness Portal

"I want to give Julia and her course a big endorsement. Her course is a complete game changer if you're looking to create content that will engage your audience, and WILL make you money. Personally, I don't want to waste time writing for the sake of writing and hoping it gets views. Her course breaks down exactly what you need to do, step-by-step. My favorite part? Access to Julia! You get your questions ANSWERED. If you're on the fence about this, what I can tell you -- if you DO the work, you are guaranteeing yourself success. There's no question this course is gold. But it's only gold if you execute on it. Thank you, Julia, for this course! The best part, I almost forgot to say -- the course continues to get better! She brings in speakers and updates the material all the time, which is amazing."

zee ali - content hacker student
—Zee Ali

"With so many courses on the market, it is difficult to determine which ones will actually be transformative. Consuming education in the digital space and learning for real world application are two different objectives. This course provides the latter; using a practical step-by-step approach with real time practice in order to build skills while learning. As a writer, and through this course, I have been able to get to know myself better. When I decided to completely abandon my 20-year banking career to follow my passion and become a writer, I knew I needed to invest in a program committed to my long term success goals. This is that course!"

kate gibbons content hacker student
—Katie Gibbons

“I wish I'd found Julia's courses sooner. It's given me everything I needed to learn about content marketing as I started my own content business!"

angelina dickinson
—Angelina Dickinson

“As a digital strategist, I've been able to grow my end profits with the course and apply what I learned from Julia to create high ROI content, ultimately turbo-charging my content strategy game.”

mariana norton
—Mariana Norton

“I've used Julia's Content Strategy & Marketing Course to improve my ability to understand and build a full content strategy, and convince potential clients why content is important. The knowledge I've gained has even helped position me as one of the few content marketing pioneers in Calgary."

brittany brander
—Brittany Brander
"I've already gone through the whole Process Map and I'm so impressed! I run a content marketing agency and we are at the scaling stage, and this is just what I needed, especially Airtable.
I love that you use it, I just downloaded it last week to start delegating content out!
Thanks for the amazing resource."
jessica bennett
—Jessica Bennett, Owner and Content Creator at Got Writer's Block

"I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do. I still remember when I decided to research content writing and your video came up on YouTube. Thank God that it did. I loved how you explained everything so clearly and I felt empowered to pursue this skill.

Your programs and guides have been a great experience and I appreciate the time you took to teach the course, and I am looking forward to using my newfound skills as a content writer.”

majid moussa
—Majd Moussa, Entrepreneur & Content Creator

"Julia, the way you give is unparalleled!"

margaret o
—Margaret O., Content Creator

"In terms of design, the Content Hacker™ Process Map is well balanced and easy to read. I love how you were able to include mentions of who to hire if someone does not want to do some of these steps. This guide removed the worry of what's next when there really is a lot to do and to understand. My team member is updating our checklist with a few missing items."

zee ali - content hacker student
—Zee Ali, Founder at

hot topics with buzzsumo

A Sneak Peek into the How to Discover Hot Topics with BuzzSumo Workshop

When you enroll in the How to Discover Hot Topics with BuzzSumo workshop, you’ll get instant lifetime access to the one-hour training workshop. You’ll also get a downloadable workbook, charts, exercises, and everything you need to get the success you dream of with content your audience craves.

Here’s a quick look inside the workshop:

  • Introduction and Welcome! I give you pointers on what to expect and how you can best use the workshop.
  • How to Use BuzzSumo to Uncover Hot Blog Topics. The techniques I use to discover steaming content topics for any industry.
  • How to Use BuzzSumo for Our Sites and/or Client Sites. How to discover and plan topics if you (or your client) don’t have a website yet.
  • How to Use BuzzSumo to Uncover YouTube Topics. My secret sauce for discovery what’s hot on YouTube for any industry, and using what I find to create my own share-worthy videos.
  • How to Use BuzzSumo to Uncover Hot Questions People Ask NOW in Your Niche. Learn what people are asking in real-time, so you know immediately what kind of content they want to consume.
  • Workshop Exercise: Pull 5 Topics. Now, it’s your turn! Use your newfound skills to find 5 hot topics in your industry.

hot topics with buzzsumo

How to Discover Hot Topics with BuzzSumo: Know Exactly What Topics Your Audience Craves (Workshop)


When you enroll in How to Discover Hot Topics with BuzzSumo, you’ll get instant lifetime access to the one-hour training workshop. You’ll also get a downloadable workbook, template, guides, and everything you need to master hot topic discovery, so you never again post content no one cares about.

$199 $27
  • Over-Julia’s-shoulder topic research strategies
  • Learn three different strategies to uncover topics that will push your site to most-read, using data-backed patterns uncovered in BuzzSumo
  • 1-hour workshop recorded by Julia, produced by our video team
  • Private student group with lifetime access to Julia
  • Lifetime student community & workshop access

Enroll Now for $199 $27


The Content Hacker™ Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. We want you to take zero percent of the risk — we’re taking all of it! But, this workshop isn’t for students who plan to binge-watch all the videos and download all the materials, or simply get their toes wet and “see” without commitment, then decide to ask us for their money back.

To receive our 100% money-back guarantee, there is a requirement: you’ll have to study the whole workshop and complete all the exercises. If you put serious work ethic into it and still don’t see improvement in topic discovery, you’re entitled to a full refund.

That being said, I’m super confident this won’t happen. When you go through the course, watch the videos, and do the exercises, YOU WILL learn the skills and techniques behind writing content your audience can’t wait to consume. Guaranteed!

See you inside!  – Julia

julia mccoy signature