Is Hiring a Writing Coach the Secret to Making Money Writing?

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

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Does being a professional writer sound like a beautiful dream to you?

Whether you want to author a book, become a paid SEO writer, or anything in between, earning a full-time income for your knack for words isn’t some far-fetched fantasy — it’s a genuine, realistic career choice.

But like any profession, you have to train in it. And the most efficient way used to be hiring a straightforward writing coach.


Here’s the REAL secret to making money writing:

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you shouldn’t write books or create content until you have a sustainable business.

You need to learn the skills and systems required to build a business model around your penmanship — so you can have the stable income, energy, and freedom to create.

After that, the words will fly out of you. AND your business will be what brings you readers — not some stuffy publishing house that gets thousands of manuscripts a month (where most never even get read).  🗑️

So if you really want to make money from your desire to write, you need to have a business first.

I’m a writing coach that teaches it differently. In fact, my mentorship is a 12-month program all established around the idea of building income through your content skills first, and building content for fun and growth secondarily.  💕

Keep reading and we’ll cover why and how to hire a business writing coach.

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Is a Writing Coach Worth It?

Asking yourself, “Should I hire a writing coach?”

Look at you go, smarty pants!

Publishing a high-quality book — fueled by collaboration with a coach — is not only a fulfilling achievement, it’s also an opportunity to skyrocket your income.

In fact, it’s so effective, 86% of entrepreneurs (writers and otherwise) say publishing a book helped grow their business.

promoting your self-published book

A book is a vehicle we teach you how to write in Phase 4 of my coaching program, Content Transformation System. Learn more here.

If you end up creating a six- and seven-figure business out of your writing skills (which is completely possible with the right tactics), then the ROI on a professional writing coach is absolutely worth it.

So make sure the writing consultant you hire will also teach you the foundations for building a lasting, sustainable business.

It’s possible with the right coach who can teach you both writing skills PLUS the strategy to make money from your writing. ✎

Because in 2022, a writing coach is worth it only if they also teach you business skills, period.

Psst… I can be your business AND writing coach to help guide you inside The Content Transformation System, my elite coaching program for creative entrepreneurs that want to use WRITING as their vehicle for success.

What Does a Writing Coach Do?

Wondering things like “What do writing coaches do?” and “Why do I need a writing coach?”

The best writing coach in the world should be more than just a teacher — they should be a mentor. Here’s a breakdown of how a writing coach can help you, granted they also coach you on business-building (this is key). 🔑

1. Help you get clear on the type of writing you’ll do, which topics you’re passionate about and skilled at, and if there’s money-making potential within that niche.

2. Teach you how to make your writing more trust-building, engaging, compelling, and authentic.

3. Help with copywriting and grammar for your personal brand’s website, your ideal persona, your mission statement, and your other core business drivers.

4. Help you beat procrastination, poor planning, and fear-based thinking.

5. Save you time, give you the confidence to build your self-worth, and provide the professional feedback you’re needing to master the skills that matter (and ditch the ones that don’t).

6. Expose you to other like-minded writers and business-builders through group coaching opportunities, where you can interact, help one another, and network.

7. Teach you SEO content writing for marketing and finding new readers organically.

8. Show you the most efficient content marketing tools to swiftly (yet sustainably) grow and promote your writing business.

9. Share their personal secrets to success through modern pathways to writing success such as self-publishing.

10. Show you how to turn your writing skill into business skills so you can sell your writing for income and grow a following.

One of my most powerful podcast episodes is solely focused on how your skill is not a business — and I encourage you to give it a listen to further understand the reality behind the myth that because you’re an expert at your creative skill you’ll automatically be a great business owner.

What Does a Writing Coach NOT Do?

Let’s keep things crystal clear and cover what writing coaches don’t do before you decide to hire one. If you’re wondering, “How do I find a writing mentor?”, make sure you aren’t looking for the following:

  1. Line-by-line edits or ghostwriting on your personal work
  2. Help with finding writing jobs (but if you establish a good relationship and do well in their program, the networking opportunities can lead you there)
  3. Practicing writing with you 1:1 vs. sharing their guidance and knowledge through a system into which you can apply your skills directly

KEEP IN MIND: Most traditional writing coaches do NOT teach business strategy — and it’s the MOST important piece to learning how to make money writing (you can literally hire a writer to create content for you and still be the face behind a successful writing brand).

Watch me talk more about starting and growing a brand:

Unlike many other writing coaches, I’m a successful entrepreneur with the extremely unique background necessary to be a qualified writing and business coach. I teach a content-first approach, which is the most ideal pathway a writer who’s craving success, money, and freedom from their skills can take — hence my Content Transformation System.

With the perfect writing and business coach, the business (and life) of your wildest dreams can become a tangible reality. 💥

How Much Does a Writing Coach Cost?

If you’re paying a decent writing coach by the hour (which is not ideal), rates vary wildly from as low as $70/hour to upwards of $1,000/hour.

You could also use third-party sites like Fiverr or Upwork to find your writing coach.

But, I recommend skipping both!

Here’s why:

The #1 skill employers look for is writing, and content itself is a booming industry!

You’re better off with a vetted professional operating on their own proven platform — someone offering a solid system and pathway for you to follow that has made money writing. They’re not just a coach, they’re a writing entrepreneur.

Not only is this a more affordable way to get your hands on direct advice from the most experienced marketers, business builders, and writers; if you have a curriculum to follow, you can let new ideas sink in on your own time. Phase 2, Skillset, of my five-phase coaching program’s video pathway, is built to give my students and clients this experience.

HOT TIP: On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can easily fall into the trap of paying writing coaches for video courses that are flippant and hollow at best.

Skip those. You don’t want to spend your precious time, money, and energy on programs that ONLY offer video without 1:1 coach access, unless you’re looking for a casual and passive viewing experience.

Sure, it’s cool that the revered Margaret Atwood teaches dystopian novel writing on Masterclass, but you’re not getting direct feedback and a structured roadmap in which to apply your newfound writing skills.

So it’s way harder to make it stick if you’re serious about doing this for a living in the near future. Sorry, my dear Margaret – and yes, I’ll still read and love your books. 😍

masterclass writing with margaret atwood

Image Source: Masterclass Trailer

Why A Book is Not a Full-time Living

According to an Author’s Guild survey, the median income from book-related activities for all published authors is a heartbreaking $3,100.

Even worse, full-time traditionally published authors earn just $12,400 — per YEAR — which is hardly livable (and not sustainable for a stress-free, comfortable life).

Even if no one ever makes an entire theme park and movie franchise based on your books, would you still be happy with being a full-time, professional writer who makes six or seven figures a year?

If the answer is yes, keep reading.

I’d encourage you to avoid any writing coach that promises you fame and worldwide success from your books by only teaching you how to write — look for a writer’s business coach instead. ✍️

Yes, having a high achiever’s mindset and setting your sight for the stars is important, but don’t exclude yourself from a wealthy and fulfilled writer’s life because you don’t identify with being an “entrepreneur.”

You do NOT need to be a “starving artist” to pursue a professional writing career.

I’m a testament to this — after successfully exiting my thriving content writing agency in the fall of 2021 and launching my coaching business, I was finally able to create the freedom to pursue writing my first fiction book, Earth Begins, after publishing six non-fiction books.

earth begins cover

IMPORTANT: Becoming a professional writer isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s completely accessible for ANY writer — even those who didn’t start or finish college, like myself!

Yep, I dropped out of nursing school at 19 to follow my passion for writing and build my dreams. I went from college dropout, to freelance writer, to business owner, to business coach, all without a costly marketing degree (and you can, too). 📕

So, before you start your novel, or start selling your writing services, your job as a writer in today’s world needs to also include building a business around your work, so you can support yourself and your artistic endeavors, so look for an expert coach that can teach you this crucial ability.

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Why All Writers (Yes, Even Authors) Need Content Writing & Business Skills

What grade were you in the moment you realized you loved creative writing? I hadn’t even hit high school when I knew my biggest dreams revolved around the craft.

Writing literally saved my life, but it wasn’t until I learned business skills and strategy that I was able to truly soar — taking my one-woman-show writing business to an 80+ person team that grossed over $5M.

This is why all writers need to learn business skills, strategies, and systems. On top of that, content writing skills are vital.

Maybe you were a fantastic academic writer, but can you write for the web? Not only will it help you promote your book or writing services, but content writers are also THE most outsourced role in content marketing. It’s a lucrative writing job that’s on fire. 🔥

outsourcing content creation

The good news is that if you’re a writer of any kind, you already have the aptitude to become a great content writer.

You just need to know the basics to help grow your brand through small business blogging. 💻

Ready for Life-Changing Writing Coaching + Business-Building Skills?

As a freelance writer turned entrepreneur and coach, it’s my deepest passion to help other writers tap into the creative entrepreneur inside of them to build a life they love. One where they get to write for a living and share their gifts with the world through a lasting business that brings them a stable income and the freedom to explore their creativity without getting burnt out from their job. 🥵

As your business and writing coach, I’ll help you build the writing and marketing skills you need to thrive in today’s digital world.

The Content Transformation System is a first-of-its-kind hybrid coaching program perfect for hopeful scribes ready to fine-tune their natural talents and content writing skills and grow them into a sustainable, successful business with an adoring audience.

This business-building and writing coaching program includes access to 1:1 help from both myself and my expert writing coaches, rooted in a five-phase video pathway that’ll help you successfully launch and grow a thriving writing business that frees your time, makes massive revenue, and leaves a mark on this world.

As a writer myself, and now the creator of multiple million-dollar-generating content businesses, this is the program I wish existed when I started my journey in 2011 with just $75. It’s why I built this.

I’d love for you to join us and other like-minded students inside and apply today.

Need clarity on your writing idea, business, or more details on this transformative coaching? Book a call with our Content Hacker Strategist now and we’ll learn more about where you’re at, what you need, and how we can help.

Ready to get started today? Watch my free class and get instant access.

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