Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E41 – Are the Robots Taking Over Writing? How AI Will Impact Writing

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Creator and Co-founder

content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 41 are the robots taking over writing how ai will impact writing

ChatGPT launched in November of 2022, and it shocked the marketing world with how next-level it is.

It’s the latest iteration by OpenAI, an advancement of GPT-3 (GPT-3.5, to be exact), and a next step in creating a safe, working AI that is functional for many different writing uses. In a single weekend, it crashed with the amount of people using it to generate copy.

I took it for an in-depth test run, and published my findings on our blog in an article called GPT-3.5: The Robots Are Here to Take Over Your Writing, or Are They? Exploring Copywriting AI.

In today’s podcast, I share with you how GPT-3.5 will impact writing, but not in a way that creates widespread replacement of the human writer (yet). However, it’s fantastic for many use cases, and many more still to be discovered as the tool is used more and more.

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Episode #41 – Are the Robots Taking Over Writing? How AI Will Impact Writing

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