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So you’ve heard about the benefits of AI writing tools, but finding the right writer seems daunting.

You know AI writers can speed up production without sacrificing quality.

But where do you find writers who can “drive” these tools well and produce superior AI-written content? 

How do you vet them, hire them, and train them?

No need to fret – I’ve got you. 💪

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through identifying and hiring top-notch AIO (artificial intelligence optimization) writers for your business needs.

We’ll explore the skills to look for, how to craft a detailed job listing, leveraging platforms like Viva HR and Indeed to find talented writers, ditching traditional interviews for writing tests, and training new hires with experienced mentors.

At the root of this process are the cost and time savings you’ll see. Discover how maximizing profit margins is possible by embracing AIO writers in your team!

Table of Contents: Find and Train AI Freelance Writers

Video Masterclass on How to Find and Train AIO Writers

Finding the Ideal AIO Writer

Looking for AI freelance writers (what I call “AIO” writers)?

This means you’ll use AI as your baseline content creator to produce blog drafts. Then, an expert human writer will take those drafts and optimize them so they reach their full potential. (This person can also be the one “driving” the AI machine. So, the goal is not to replace writers, but rather augment them with generative artificial intelligence.)

So, what skills and traits do you need in a good AIO writer? 📋

Find someone with industry expertise, killer writing skills, and a willingness to embrace AI tools.

Combining human talent with artificial intelligence can 10x your output. It can even save you up to 7+ hours of content creation time per post.

Remember, the average blog post takes about 4 hours for a human to produce, but those who spend longer on their content get better results.

orbit media survey - bloggers who invest more time get better results

So what if you could keep your content quality intact while saving hours and hours of time on writing?

That’s the power of AIO. Here’s what you need in your hire:

AIO Writer Qualifications

Industry Expertise

An industry expert understands your niche and has the ability to create relevant, informative content that resonates with your audience.

Hiring a writer with specific knowledge ensures they can quickly grasp complex topics while maintaining accuracy.

True Content Writing Skills

A skilled content writer crafts engaging articles that keep readers hooked from start to finish.

The writing skills you want to look for include excellent grammar, storytelling, research, and adaptability in tone or style.

You should also look for experience. 3-5+ years in content writing should give your hire the edge they need to succeed as an AIO.

Embracing AI as Part of the Job

Incorporating AI assistants into the writing process maximizes efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Great AI freelance writers (or AIO writers) should be open-minded about using AI-powered tools like ChatGPT or Content at Scale to enhance their productivity.

In other words, avoid the “snobby” writer who shuns AI. (That used to be me, so I get it. 😂 But this type of person won’t be the right fit for AIO.)

To be fair, most writers these days are open to it — especially if you give them the guidance and training they need to work with the AI tool really well.

By combining human creativity with the power of generative AI, you can achieve exceptional results in content creation.

By the way, you can get 20% extra credits toward creating content if you sign up for my AI tool of choice, Content at Scale, with my link:

content at scale

How to Find and Train AIO Writers (a.k.a. AI Freelance Writers)

Want to attract talented AIO writers? Start with an impeccable job listing.

1. Craft a Detailed Job Listing

You need someone who can combine industry expertise and content writing skills while embracing AI tools.

  • Highlight the need for industry knowledge: Your ideal candidate should have in-depth knowledge of your niche or sector (or your client’s niche or sector), so they can create high-quality content that nails your brand expertise. This is SUPER important because AIOing niche content is easier AND faster for someone with experience in that niche.
  • Specify experience in content writing: A strong background in content writing is essential for any AIO writer role. Emphasize the importance of excellent grammar, storytelling abilities, and SEO optimization skills as part of their daily tasks.
  • Describe the actual work your hire will be doing. In your job listing, describe specific examples of projects they might work on to give applicants a clear understanding of what’s expected from them.
  • Mention AI in your job title and listing. I.e., “Technical AI content writer.” No need to avoid saying “AI” — artificial intelligence is a pretty big deal in the content industry right now, and most writers are catching on and actually looking for AI writing jobs! However, if you use the term “AIO” in your listing, make sure you define it clearly, as this is a new and emerging role in content writing.

AIO Writer Qualifications

Here’s an example of a job description:

“We are looking for a talented content writer who we can train into a technical AIO writer — someone who uses AI as their baseline to write the content (we will provide you with the training and the tool), and optimizes that content output for best results with both search engines and humans.”

Why Writing Tests are the Future of Hiring AI Freelance Writers (Forget the Zoom Interview)

So you’ve posted your job listing and some good candidates have applied. Now it’s time to filter your hiring pool.

Good news: Skip the Zoom interview.

Zoom interviews are so last year – it’s time to switch to writing tests.

Not only do they help you quickly identify high-quality candidates, but they also assess their ability to follow instructions and craft engaging content.

Why are written tests more effective than interviews?

Written tests allow you to evaluate an applicant’s true writing skills, rather than relying on their verbal communication during an interview.

Research suggests that traditional interviews can be influenced by biases and may not accurately predict job performance.

How to determine the quality of applicants through sample tasks:

Create a task that mirrors the type of work your AIO writer will perform – this could include optimizing AI-generated content or crafting long-form articles within your industry niche.

To ensure fairness, provide clear guidelines and expectations for the task, and consider offering compensation for completed samples as a sign of respect for their time and effort.

2. Leverage Platforms Like Viva HR And Indeed For Hiring

When searching for potential freelance writers, hiring platforms such as Viva HR or Indeed can save you many headaches.

These platforms allow you to customize your interview process and access a large pool of candidates, making it easier to find the perfect AIO writer for your business.

Benefits of Using Viva HR for Hiring

Viva HR offers an applicant tracking system designed specifically for small businesses and startups.

This platform streamlines the entire recruitment process by providing customizable templates, automated job postings, and easy-to-use candidate management tools.

Their built-in analytics also help you make data-driven decisions when evaluating applicants.

Why Indeed is a Valuable Resource for Finding Writers

Indeed connects millions of job seekers with employers across various industries – including content writing.

You can post jobs for free or sponsor them to reach more qualified candidates faster.

In addition, their advanced search filters enable you to pinpoint suitable applicants based on skills, experience level, and location preference – all tailored specifically to your AIO writer requirements.

Tips on optimizing your job listing:

  • Create an eye-catching title: Ensure that your listing stands out among other similar posts. Use terms like “AIO Writer,” “AI-Powered Content Creator,” or “Content Strategist with AI Experience.”
  • Showcase company culture: Attract the right candidates by giving them a glimpse of your company’s values, mission, and work environment.
  • Provide clear expectations: Outline the specific responsibilities and requirements for the role. Mention AI tools they’ll be using and emphasize industry expertise.

By leveraging these platforms and optimizing your job listing, you’re well on your way to finding an AIO writer who can help take your content marketing efforts to new heights.

By the way, once you’ve hired and trained that writer, you’ll need a process for producing incredible content consistently. I’ve got that covered for you in my Content Process Blueprint. Learn the stages, tools, tips, and systems to use to supercharge your content marketing:

content process blueprint

3. Train Your New AIO Writer

Congratulations on hiring your ideal candidate! 👏

Now, it’s time to invest in training them on how best to use AI tools alongside their own skillset to become efficient AIO writers capable of delivering exceptional results.

Pair New Hires with Experienced Mentors

If you’ve already got a rock star on your team, give this person the reins to share their process and tips with your new hire.

Pairing new hires with experienced mentors within your team will help newcomers quickly adapt to the unique demands of an AIO writing role while getting valuable insights and guidance.

Offer Training on AI-Powered Platforms like Content at Scale

The quality of the AI writing tool you use will have a huge effect on how efficient your AI freelance writers will be when they write marketing copy and blog posts.

Along with that, the training and support you give your AIO writers with that tool matters just as much.

Tips for effective training:

  • Create a comprehensive onboarding plan: Outline clear goals and objectives for each stage of the training process.
  • Incorporate hands-on exercises: Encourage trainees to work through real-life scenarios using AI tools to gain confidence in their abilities.
  • Schedule regular check-ins: Touch base with your trainee during their initial weeks or months for feedback, address questions or concerns, and track progress.
  • Provide ongoing support: Foster a culture of continuous improvement by offering additional resources, workshops, or webinars to help your AIO writer stay up-to-date with industry trends and AI advancements.

Investing in comprehensive training for your new AIO writer sets them up for success and ensures they become valuable assets within your content creation team, leading to increased output, cost savings, and higher-quality content that keeps clients coming back for more. 💯

Maximize Profit Margins with AIO Writers

Revolutionize your content creation process with the power of AIO writers. The combination of AI-generated content and skilled human optimization can increase your content output and cost savings. That can lead to higher profit margins without sacrificing quality.

Traditional freelance writing costs vs. AIO writing:

  • Freelance writing costs add up quickly with research, drafting, editing, and proofreading tasks.
  • AIO writing reduces expenses by leveraging AI tools for initial drafts while maintaining quality through human optimization.

what is an AIO writer

The impact on productivity and efficiency:

  • AIO writers produce 10 times more output than traditional methods by harnessing AI technology and their own expertise.
  • Increased efficiency means faster turnaround times for projects – a major win for businesses looking to scale rapidly or meet tight deadlines.
  • The collaboration between AI tools and talented writers ensures each piece is optimized for search engines like Google – driving organic traffic right where it belongs: your website.

Find and Train AIO Writers to Transform Your Content Game

Taking the time to find and train AIO writers can be a game-changer for your business, but finding the right one is crucial – industry expertise and content writing skills are a must, as is embracing AI technology.

Invest in the right tools and hire skilled AI freelance writers to grow and scale a sustainable business that thrives through effective long-form content marketing.

The right AIO writer is out there, but you have to be willing to do a bit of digging to find them.

Want even deeper education on finding and training AIO writers for your business? (That includes setting up systems to manage them and delegate to them once they’re on your team.)

This is an essential step in building a sustainable business that lasts, and that’s why it’s a huge part of my Content Transformation System mentorship program. ⭐

This 12-month program gives you all the keys you need to get your ducks in a row and finally grow through sustainable content marketing (with a touch of AI strategy).

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