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Entrepreneurs, coaches/consultants, and digital skill workers: Join Julia every other week for new episodes on achieving growth and transformation in your online business, and seeing returns from every piece of content you publish. Get the real scoop on what it takes to build, grow, and structure your own 6 and 7-figure online business with a sustainable content approach, as Julia untangles myths and misconceptions that hustle is all it takes to be successful.


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Episode #30 – How to Connect Your Offers to Content for Killer Results

Content is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. When Julia leads WordPress website design and creation for Content Hacker clients, she consults and recommends on individual, customized improved flow and design that enhances the user’s experience and journey. Listen in as she describes the experience for two very different clients with different goals, and how Content Hacker created “binge-worthy” experiences of content that their audience will travel through before they become a customer.

Episode #29 – Achieving 5 Figures in Organic Traffic at Content Hacker

Content Hacker just hit an organic 10,000 visitors/month in traffic/$10k+ months, 1/10th of the way there to our 100k visitors/month and $100k/mo revenue goal! One year in, this is exactly on target for Julia’s sustainable goals. Her goals revolve around happiness, rather than just fast-tracking it to revenue: where she can still step away at 3 p.m. and play with her kiddos, while the business thrives without her having to show up live 24/7. Listen in for an inspiring episode that shows you how powerful simply being consistent to a real content strategy pays off.

Episode #28 – Google EAT and YMYL WHAT? Why & How This Matters

Google’s ranking standards are summed up in two acronyms – EAT, and YMYL. EAT stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust; YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life. Dramatic nature of Google aside – why should we follow these acronyms? How and why do they build trust with our audience on the internet? Listen as Julia explains. PLUS: The update Google has made to these guidelines this year, meaning that the author on your blog matters, too! This is explained right here in the full episode.

Episode #27 – Explaining The Flow of a Home Page

Here’s why you should lead with the transformation you offer, and name your ideal client clearly, on your home page. Remember, simple sells! Listen as Julia explains the flow of a site that ranks and converts, with a real-life client example, and how copywriting plays into clarity in the structure of your site. It’s all in today’s episode.

Episode #26 – Why Longer Blogs Bring More $$ (It’s Not What You Think)

Did you know? Blogs that earn over $50,000 per year say their most popular posts are 2,400+ words long. That’s 83% longer than those of low-income bloggers. In this podcast, Julia discusses WHY long-form content works (and it’s probably not the reason you think). Learn about today’s content marketing ecosystem, a refresher on how content marketing is defined today, and why long content can equal success (with a disclaimer) in this episode.

Episode #25 – Want Your Content to Win? Unlearn Bad Content Habits

In her 10 years of mentoring and leading writers, Julia saw the essay writing habit stop good writers – time and time again. It’s why in 2020, she launched a course titled Unlearn Essay Writing, where she helps online writers kick this bad habit once and for all and receive mentorship on becoming an expert internet-friendly writer. Julia narrates “essay writing” vs. “online writing”, so you can see the difference for yourself, in this episode. Learn more about Unlearn Essay Writing Course at

Episode #24 – How UX Flow & Predicting Your User’s Journey is Just as Critical as Good Copy

Not seeing results from your website? It might have something to do with the accuracy of UX steps on your website and if they cater to (or not!) your user journey. Learn how UX and website implementation must marry copy and design together in a way that caters to your journey, in Julia’s podcast. Plus: our experience taking on our first website clients!

Episode #23 – How Experts Can Position Themselves to Earn More

Not making the kind of money you want to make from your offers or services? If you’re an expert selling your expertise online, you need to listen to this simple, #realtalk episode now. Learn from Julia what makes money, how to instantly position yourself to sell $10k services, and how to completely avoid “looking cheap.” Big secret: it requires investment. Enjoy!

Episode #22 – Julia’s Free Training (Audio Version): An Entire Content Strategy Breakdown

We recently updated and refined the feature free class Julia teaches at Content Hacker. In this episode of Content Transformation, we’re putting the audio version live on the podcast! Join in the audio version of the class now and start listening. Learn all about the digital business owner opportunity that exists on the world’s largest source of traffic; what a content strategy breakdown looks like, and how to hit your next level as a sustainable business owner. See the video version at

Episode #21 – The Best Mindset Advice for Entrepreneurs

How do you protect your heart and your mind, so you function at your highest level? For entrepreneurs, this is a critical question. Julia answers this question with some of the biggest mindset lessons she’s learned over a decade of entrepreneurship. If you’re struggling to meet your goals, try the evening detox and morning intake rituals and see what happens – getting your mind and heart right can exponentially increase the success of everything you do. If there’s one episode of Julia’s you listen to this year, make it this one.

Episode #20 – How to Find Your Low-Hanging Fruit Content Opportunities

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid – is a marketing acronym to live by when you’re looking at creating content pieces that bring IMMEDIATE, massive wins. What are your most frequently asked questions, including the “dumbest” questions that you’ve never answered around your product, service, or what you do? You’d be surprised at the ‘elephants in the room’ that you might not be answering (yet). In this episode, Julia gives you examples, with real student coaching excerpts from her mentorship CTS, and an action takeaway to help you identify your low-hanging fruit content opportunities right away and implement for massive return. Enjoy!

Episode #19 – The Opportunity that Exists for Digital Business Owners

8 billion Google searches are happening daily. $800 billion is spent online yearly (2021 data). And these big consumer shifts aren’t slowing down—research shows they’re actually increasing. Listen to Julia break down how to get in front of your ideal online traffic, and get massive inspiration from the opportunity that exists right now for digital business owners in the 2020s.

Episode #18 – Content Hacking is Attraction-Based Marketing

Marketing that brings sales seamlessly and easily in the 2020s will boil down to one concept: attraction-based. You must consistently attract your ideal leads to you. Cold and pushy marketing will have a more and more low ROI as time goes on, and attraction-based marketing will continue to win. If your content is strategic and built to attract your true fans, it will – every time. Learn why this is true, what attraction-based marketing is, and how it’s synonymous to content hacking.

Episode #17 – How I’m Juggling Life With a Newborn

I had a beautiful baby (child #2) born at home, this March 2022! So many of you have asked me how I’m planning to juggle work with a newborn at home – this episode is the answer! Inside, I discuss the magic and power of how I gave birth at home naturally, then, how I set up my business to run nearly 100% by itself, how I hired coaches to work under me, and the difference between how I’m able to navigate my second newborn’s first year of life versus my first baby’s first year (when I was building an agency from the ground up). Listen and be inspired!

Episode #16 – Worldwide Consumer Trust is Now In the Hands of the Business Owner

Edelman’s Trust Barometer Report in 2021 surveyed 33,000+ people in 28 countries, and it was discovered that more people now trust small businesses than they do nonprofits, the government, or the media! What does this mean for the small business owner/entrepreneur? Listen to Julia explain why trust can now just as easily be LOST as it can WON, and how to make sure you’re not pissing off your subscribers with fake scarcity tactics.

Episode #15 – Your Skill is Not a Business

Creatives: Having a skill DOES not mean you can run a successful business around that skill. The biggest myth is this one—that if you’re good at something, you’ll automatically know how to start a business at it. So, how DO you build a business that runs on your passion and skillset? First of all, you SHOULD (don’t let the myth stop you); second of all, you simply need to go get the business skills you need! Listen to Julia explain more in this don’t-miss episode, live now on The Content Transformation Podcast.

Episode #14 – Why Relationships Matter Just as Much as Content

How did a five-minute conversation around a limited-supply of stuffed animals at an event lead to a $40,000/month contract for Julia’s agency? Learn surprising truths about what ditching the icky cold pitch can do — and why building REAL relationships (i.e. having friendly conversations) with ideal client potentials, not just spamming them a bunch of times, will get you closer to your revenue goals much faster than you thought possible. (Spoiler alert: your content goes hand-in-hand with the likelihood of that ideal prospect looking you up and then booking a call to hire you.)

Episode #13 – Are Blogs Dead? The (Real) Data

There’s a statistic that’s ruffling content marketing feathers… according to Hubspot’s 2020 State of Marketing report: 40% of people are no longer reading blogs. But guess what? 60% ARE, and a percentage of those people are VERY committed to reading blogs that solve pain points and elevate their knowledge. And 80% of all people on the web interact with blogs on a regular basis! Learn why blogging isn’t dead, but is rather the only form of marketing that compounds on itself and builds that traffic stream that turns into customers, in Julia’s episode.

Episode #12 – Tips on How to Build Your Own Scrappy, Lean Team

“What makes me a good leader?” Julia says that this is the first step to take and the first question to ask, before you jump straight into team-building, especially when replacing yourself in core areas of your business (sales calls, client deliverables, etc.). Get the skills you’re missing and create clear targets/goals for marketing, so you know how to delegate your own marketing. Hire experts to deliver your services for you. Remain in your zone of genius as much as possible. Plus, Julia covers nuts and bolts like contractors vs. employees, what it takes to find a good candidate for your company, and more.

Episode #11 – The Road to My Next 7-Figures (Post Agency-Exit)

Science shows that we get a dopamine hit when we find a “new” strategy; but the reality is, success is a marathon, and it takes 66 days implementing a new behavior to become a pattern of success. In this episode, Julia shares how she’s building her next 7-figure income stream by offering a massive transformation to an audience that desperately needs it… and how she’s traveling the linear road to get to the results she’s building for. There are no guarantees in life, but as a creator/entrepreneur, you can build your own guarantee. Listen in for some massive inspiration!

Episode #10 – Why You Should Publish on Real Estate You Own, Not Rent (The Lifespan of Content)

In this episode, you’ll learn data-driven evidence about content lifespan and why publishing on your real estate could be the best investment you make this year. Be inspired to keep going, and realize that it takes an investment mindset to build a sustainable, lasting business.

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Episode #9 – My Story (From Poverty-Stricken in a Childhood Cult to Freedom-Based Entrepreneur)

In this episode, Julia opens up about her turbulent childhood and how she started pursuing her passions early in life. For the full story on how Julia escaped a real-life cult, check out her memoir Woman Rising: A True Story (available now on Audible, Amazon Kindle, paperback & hardback on Amazon). Be inspired to know that ANYTHING is possible with a little dedication, hard work, and inspiration.

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Episode #8 – How to Start & Grow a Brand When You Have NO Idea If It’ll Pan Out or Not

It’s exciting but scary when new entrepreneurs step out into creating something they’re excited about, but have no idea if it will actually work or not. In a recent coaching call inside The Content Transformation© System, Julia guided a student on building a completely NEW brand, in a completely NEW vertical. This episode was inspired by how she guided the coaching student. You might be surprised at the foundational basics that matter when it comes to pursuing and building success out of your business idea.

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Episode #7 – Marketing is Shifting (What’s Changing Among 7-8 Figure Earners — It’s About Time)

Marketing must adapt or die – and it’s about time. Julia has a constant pulse on what’s working and not as she studies the content, funnels and ads of the 7-8 figure moguls in the business industry, and implements a seven-figure marketing presence herself. In today’s episode, she recaps some massive changes and shifts she’s seeing.

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Episode #6 – Why Your Personality SHOULD and MUST Be In Your Business

Have you ever been told by a coach or mentor that you need to “tone” it down, try another haircut or photo style, or become a version of yourself that feels muted and inauthentic? Sadly, this happens all too often in the business world. Julia shares the story of Loraine at The Sacred Healing Well, one of her coaching students, and how she had MORE leads and ROI after following Julia’s advice about showcasing her unique personality front and center.

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Episode #5 – Why Much of Success is Simply Trusting the (Right) Process

Are you putting the right cogs in your business wheel — and then WAITING on the process with hope and patience? It takes both to succeed. In this episode, Julia talks through why trusting the right process is so hard (even for her). Listen in for some don’t-miss inspirational nuggets for all business owners, entrepreneurs and creators.

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Episode #4 – Creating A Sustainable Content Strategy For Your Brand

Sustainability in content creation can feel like trying to win the flying Golden Snitch in an airborne game of Quidditch (Harry Potter fans will understand). Seriously, though. There’s a reason 70% of creators are approaching burnout (recent survey by TheTilt). Julia talks through mindset and approach for more sustainability in your content in this must-listen, don’t-miss episode.

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Episode #3 – Why Blogging Length And Frequency Matter To Site Traffic Growth

Did you know? 85% of blogs are less than 1,000 words long… however, blogs over 1,000 words in length routinely get more shares and links. In this episode, Julia busts many common myths about blogging, and shares why studying the data is an overlooked yet CRITICAL factor to content marketing success. Be the 1% that stands out and actually earns a real readership and following by committing to your blogging length and frequency.

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Episode #2 – What I Learned From A 10k Coaching Investment

In this episode, Julia shares what she learned from a recent $10k coaching investment. The answer might surprise you! Listen in for the details and what was most transformative about this experience for Julia. Important takeaway: when choosing your reinvestments this year, make sure you only hire a coach that has been there, done that in their journey — not one that is just marketing it or talking about doing it.

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