Content Transformation with Julia McCoy: E29 – Achieving 5 Figures in Organic Traffic at Content Hacker

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content transformation podcast with julia mccoy episode 29 achieving 5 figures in organic traffic at content hacker

Welcome back to Episode 29 of the podcast. 🙌

In this installment of the Content Transformation podcast, I talk about how I’ve been able to achieve five figures in organic traffic as of this August. Listen and learn about how to grow your brand without losing your sanity.

Episode #29 – Achieving 5 Figures in Organic Traffic at Content Hacker

We’re celebrating! Content Hacker just hit an organic 10,000 visitors/month in traffic plus $10k+ months in revenue.

I’m 1/10th of the way there to our 100k visitors/month traffic goal and $100k/mo revenue goal!

Here’s our performance metrics from Google Analytics:

content hacker organic traffic

One year in, this is exactly on target for our sustainable goals.

What do we mean by “sustainable?”

The ability to run and grow your business seamlessly WITHOUT burnout.

What does this look like?

You don’t need to be babysitting your business 24/7. You don’t need your hands in every pot. Even when you’re not there to guide it, your brand runs (and grows!) without you. 💪

As such, my goals revolve around happiness, rather than just fast-tracking it to revenue: where I can still step away at 3 p.m. and play with my kiddos, while the business thrives without me having to show up live 24/7.

Embedding sustainability into your business is how you maintain that healthy balance.

Listen in for an inspiring episode that shows you how powerfully it pays off to simply be consistent to a real content strategy.

Want to learn what you need to get this kind of steady growth at the foundation of your brand? Watch my free class to find out the pathway.

And, if you’re ready to start building your own sustainable brand without the burnout, you need to check out The Content Transformation© System, our 12-month mentorship program that teaches you every single skill, strategy, and system you need.

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