How to Whitelist Email Addresses in Gmail: 6 Easy Steps

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Creator and Co-founder

how to whitelist in gmail

You’ve been waiting all week for an important email.

The hours are ticking, and the days keep passing, but there’s nothing in your inbox.

Then it clicks.

You check your spam folder, and sure enough, it’s been sitting there for days. 😱

Google blocks 10 million emails per minute and tries to guarantee that less than 0.1% of spam ends up in your emails.

But sometimes, even Google makes mistakes and marks non-malicious messages as spam.

So how do you make sure you’re not missing essential emails?

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to avoid this.

Whitelisting an email is a simple process that will guarantee your urgent emails never make it into your spam folder again.

I have broken down this process so you can whitelist emails in no time. ⏩

how to whitelist in gmail

How to Whitelist in Gmail

1. Log in to Gmail and Go to Your Settings

First things first. Log in to your Gmail account.

Navigate to the left-hand corner and click on the gear icon. You will then see a drop-down list. Select the “See all settings” button.

gmail see all settings

2. Select Filters and Blocked Addresses

This tab is in the top row underneath the settings and is the fifth option from the left.

gmail filters and blocked addresses

3. Create a New Filter

You’re halfway there!

Scroll down and select the “Create a new filter” button. This will be in the center of the page.

gmail create a new filter

4. Add the Email Address You Want to Whitelist

Once you select the “Create new filter” button, you should see a pop-up that looks like an email format. Type the email address you wish to whitelist in the “From” line. Once you complete this step, select “Create filter”.

gmail create email filter

5. Complete Whitelist

Check the “Never send it to Spam” box. This is the seventh option from the top. Once this is selected, press the “Create filter” button. And just like that, the email address has been whitelisted!

gmail - never send it to spam

6. Confirm the Email Was Whitelisted

Double-checking your work never hurts. Take a quick look in your settings to verify your desired email address has been whitelisted correctly.

After you select the “Create filter” button you will be led back to the settings page. Look under “Themes” and see what filters are applied to your email.

check gmail filter settings

You should see the email you whitelisted with the message “Never send it to Spam” below it.

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How to Whitelist a Domain in Gmail

Whitelisting a domain in Gmail is such a handy tool. This is a great option to ensure you don’t miss any emails from your employers or clients’ companies.

To do this, follow the same process as above until step four. In the “From” field, you will add the domain address. Instead of only [email protected] being whitelisted, all emails from the domain address will be safe from the spam folder.

whitelist a domain in gmail

How to Whitelist Multiple Email Addresses in Gmail

Do you have multiple emails you need whitelisted that aren’t from the same domain? Not a problem. You can whitelist multiple email addresses in no time.

Follow the same process for whitelisting one email up until step four. In the “From” field, add all the emails you need to be whitelisted. When doing so, insert the pipe symbol ( | ) in between emails.

Use the photo below for reference.

whitelist multiple emails

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