Why You Should Write a Book to Build Your Brand This Year (+ Take This Quiz to Know If You’re Ready)

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should you write a book

Are you a book reader?

If so, you’re probably part of the 74% of adults who reported reading at least one book in 2018.

Reading a book is great, but have you ever considered writing and publishing one?

The natural next question… should you write a book?

If you have a brand (at ALL – even if it’s just a freelance brand, and hey, that’s something!), you should consider writing a book at some point in your life.

Killer opportunities came my way thanks to having a book published in my name on Amazon.

I’m talking serious industry authority, thousands of new leads, social media followers and mentions (I still get tagged in Instagram stories posted by readers of So You Think You Can Write?), and of course, five-figure gigs.

I published my first book, So You Think You Can Write? back in 2016.

Today, in 2021, I’m still notified by Amazon that it’s a bestseller. 🤯 I’ve now published five books on Amazon, made nearly $20,000 in direct book royalties, and much more than that in sales from clients.

The key is to write a GOOD one. Don’t be the self-published author that writes crappy, unedited, typo-ridden work.

(I’ve had tons of calls with Amazon’s KDP team over the years. They seem shocked when they review my account, and I’ve been told I’m in the top 10% of self-published authors. That surprised me, because in my opinion, everyone should invest to write a good book, if you’re going to do it!)

That said, today’s guide is here to help you answer the big question…

Should you write a book to build your brand?

I’m talking the nonfiction guide you’ve always dreamed of writing.

Topics like…

  • Secrets of a Twin-Mom Entrepreneur (lookin’ at you, my friend Elna!)
  • Make Six Figures in a Year with Your Service-Based Business
  • Master the Relationship, Win the Sale
  • How to Create a Winning Agency Model (that Doesn’t Suck Your Brain Dead)
  • How to Build Income Streams and Save Your Sanity as a Stay-at-Home Dadpreneur

Yes, I’m just spitting titles, because…

Books are my PASSION.

A thing I could do in my sleep. On average, I’m writing 2-3/year now (for my and myself).

In today’s guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should write a book to build your brand
  • How to know if you’re ready to write a book (with a quiz included so you can be sure)
  • A look at the ghostwriting process if you choose to pass the responsibility into the hands of an expert

Plus — an ALL-NEW free guide that I just wrote and launched that allows you to fill out your answers and get a customized Should You Write Your Book? game plan after you fill out the quiz. Download now!

should you write a book quiz

Should I Write a Book? 5 Reasons Why Publishing a Book Builds Your Brand Authority

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – a LOT of work goes into a book, and there are already a ton of books on the market.

And the printing presses are still hot! A whopping 1.5+ million new book titles were released in the first 7 months of 2021.

That’s a lot of competition, but it’s no reason to sweat. Book production and sales are growing because of two major factors:

  1. Self-publishing services like KDP (an Amazon company) have made book publishing more accessible.
  2. Consumers are devouring content and asking for more, which is good news for content creators!

(Is it any wonder the content marketing industry is already worth $400 billion and set to be $600 billion in 2024?)

free training

Writing a book is for you if you want to:

  • Be seen as an EXPERT in your industry: Publishing a book speaks volumes (no pun intended) to your knowledge and authority on the subject matter. 86% of entrepreneurial authors in a survey claimed their business grew after they published a book.
  • Organically grow your followers: Fans always want more. Readers who enjoy your book and like what you have to say are likely to seek you out so they can continue following you, your brand, and any other projects you’re currently working on.
  • Reach new audiences with more marketing channels: Are you sharing your company’s latest news update on Amazon? With an author profile, you can. Cross-marketing between the book and your brand opens new doors on places like Amazon and Goodreads where you can post content to reach people who may not have been aware of your brand before, not to mention extra backlinks for SEO.

julia mccoy amazon author profile

  • Build the trust and respect of your consumers: One surprising effect from the pandemic – consumer trust in governments and brands dropped. The era of negligent misinformation has made consumers warier than ever. So, how can you convince them that you actually know what you’re talking about and they should trust what you have to say? (Hint: the answer starts with a b and ends with a k.)
  • Increase your online visibility: Authors have phenomenal potential for online visibility beyond social media. A book can bring consulting opportunities, not to mention the credentials to become a guest contributor for blogs, online magazines, and more.
  • Land speaking gigs: Speaking events such as author panels, conferences, radio time, interviews, talk shows, podcasts, etc. aren’t a guarantee, but a book on the market can open some of these opportunities that weren’t available to you before.

The “Should I Write a Book?” Quiz: 7 Questions to Help You Know If You’re Ready

Download as a PDF for free.

write a book quiz

1. Do I want to build my industry authority in a massive way?

Books build authority in a higher way than any other content types. You can’t fake your expertise in a 60,000-word book (which is the minimum length for a nonfiction guide).

  1. Yes
  2. No

2. Am I in a position to offer new ideas and valuable insight to my industry niche?

Every story has already been told. But what makes each one unique is the perspective of the author. Your personal experiences, failures, success stories, ideas, and insights are what will make your book stand out from the crowd.

  1. Yes
  2. No

3. What is my primary motivation for writing a book?

Books require investment in both time and money, whether you’re writing the book yourself or hiring a professional ghostwriter to bring your ideas to life for you.

  1. I want to be able to say I’m a published author.
  2. I see great value in adding a book into my content marketing strategy.
  3. I want to offer my expertise and knowledge to help others.
  4. I want to be seen as an expert authority figure within my industry.
  5. I think a book can make me rich.
  6. I’m interested in book signings, guest features, interviews, speaking gigs, and other exposure that can come with a book.

4. How would I rate my writing and grammar skills?

Be honest with your self-evaluation – overselling your own skills to yourself isn’t going to help you be successful in the long run.

  1. I hated English class. I definitely need a ghostwriter to help me.
  2. Writing isn’t my forte, but I have the time and patience to learn the extra skills I’m going to need.
  3. I’m a pretty good writer. I think I’ll be okay if I partner with a good editor.
  4. I’m a strong writer and feel confident in my ability to get this book done!

5. How many hours per week am I able and willing to spend on the book?

Do you have substantial time to self-edit your work, conduct thorough research, properly cite all of your sources, and write with correct and authentic book flow? Are you ready to commit at least one hour EVERY day to work on your book? This is the bare minimum amount of time a top-level ghostwriter would devote to your project.

  1. 0
  2. 1-5
  3. 6-10
  4. 11+
  5. I’m not sure.

6. How much clarity do I have about the book-publishing process?

In addition to the vision for the book, including the necessary amount of research, chapter organization, target word count, general outline, tone, and overall flow, do you know how you’re going to market the book?

What about hiring an editor, graphic designer, and/or ebook formatter?

Will you distribute the book solely on Amazon, or will you have a larger distribution network to reach bookstores and libraries?

How will you get book reviews?

Will you list Amazon as the book publisher using their free ISBN, or will you purchase an ISBN so you can own all of the publishing rights yourself?

This is just a small taste of the amount of planning that goes into publishing a book. How prepared do you feel about it?

  1. Very – I’ve done my research and am ready to go!
  2. Somewhat – I know there’s a lot to the process, and while I don’t know every detail yet, I can learn along the way.
  3. Not sure – I thought all I had to do was upload the book to Amazon. I need to do more research.
  4. Totally lost – I’m feeling overwhelmed, but I don’t have to worry too much because I’m planning to hire someone to take care of what I need and guide me through the rest.

7. What is my budget for this project?

A traditional publishing house will cover the upfront cost to produce and distribute your book. But it can take years to land a deal with a publisher, and if you don’t have a strong platform, your chances are even slimmer. You also have less control over the final product, and you can expect only about 8% in royalties versus 70% with self-publishing.

Self-publishing can be free if you don’t buy an ISBN or hire a professional editor and/or artist. BUT your credibility will take a serious hit if you publish a book riddled with typos and a poorly designed cover.

Quality matters. How much are you ready to invest?

  1. $0: I’m interested in writing the book myself and landing a traditional publishing deal so I don’t have to invest my own money into the book.
  2. $500 – $2,000: I think I can do most of the work myself and hire the professionals I need for editing, layout, and cover design before I self-publish.
  3. $3,000 – $10,000: I would like to write the book myself and pay a vanity press to handle the publication and distribution.
  4. $15,000+: I believe investing my money in a top-notch, professional ghostwriter can produce the best book for me to market my brand, also freeing up my time so I can devote my full attention to managing my business.

Psst… speaking of budgets, did you know you can level-up your writing skillset for FREE? Learn to kick the bad habits you learned in school that don’t apply to online writing. Get our free guide, the Art of Online Writing.

How Can a Ghostwriter Help Me Write My Book?

Entrepreneurs are busy. It’s no wonder so many people want to write a book but never seem to find the time.

That’s why, just like every other aspect of a growing business, you need to invest in extra resources.

When a one-person operation becomes too much for a single entrepreneur, what do they do?

Answer: They hire employees and delegate tasks.

They hire a finance person to manage the income, expenses, and payroll.

They hire an ecommerce specialist to maintain and update the website.

They hire a customer service representative to communicate with customers via phone and email.

So, why wouldn’t you also hire an expert ghostwriter to take the monumental task of writing and publishing a book off your full plate?

I’ve done it. I’ve written five books, with great results. I wrote some of them myself, but I also used a ghostwriter to help me for the rest.

And I teach students exactly how I go about it — ideating, vetting, delegating, writing, editing, publishing, and promoting their books, as well as how to work with a ghostwriter — in Phase 4 of my Content Transformation System.

phase 4 of cts

You’ll learn my entire self-publishing process, step by step. (This is THE way to get known in your industry and prove your authority!)

The final result? You’ll have a beautiful, professionally written book in your name that will elevate your brand to a whole new level. You become an author.

I’ve earned more than $17,000 in direct Amazon royalties from my books, and I’m here to help you start earning royalties from your books, too!

kindle direct royalties from book writing

Writing Your Book Is Just One Step on the Path

A book is a valuable piece of your business marketing strategy…

But it’s only one part.

Before you write your book, you need an established brand to help build customer trust.

How do you build your brand without breaking, without burnout?

I’ve got you, friend. 🤝

Maximize your entire online success by learning how to build your brand the long-term, sustainable way, with a focus on content marketing.

It’s how I built multiple brands to 6- and 7-figures, and I show you the entire pathway in The Content Transformation System. This unique coaching and mentorship program shows you how it’s done through a five-phase curriculum, a plug-and-play template library, a student community, and guidance from myself and my team of expert coaches.

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